Monday, June 10, 2013

Opps .I did it again

I Fell.
 big time
Aren't 0I pret0yt.?
3 weeks ago today ........I fell off my computer office chair and hi.t... ihe cementfloor floor ......hard..0..BbANGED UP MY FACE PRETTY GOOD, DON'T ya yhink?
To make aL O N G a LONG story Short.
I did not go to the.Doctorright away
I was scheduled.for cataract surgery on Wed..D I.figured I'd wait til I went in Wed morning0.......I did have a terrific headache monday night .and all of Tuesday....
I checked out fine on Wed and theprocedure wentas scheduled .......
fRIDAY morning I woke up dizzy and "off balance.
,mIKE TOOK ME TOthe uRGENT cARE0who0then sent me to theERfor a CSCANT..c.T scan.nBELIEVE ME i WAS SGOCKED TO FIND OUT 'D HAD A STROKE yES, A STROKEI'm too young....not. Sorry about yhe cap lock0.I'm really not yelling.W. There is so much more yo my story but I'm gettin. tired to continue typing.and thinking. I justwanted to updateuou my griends.