Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life is sooo busy

     WOW, what a busy summer! Two family weddings (2 quilts)

                                                                Casey & Lindsay's batik
 quilted by my friend, Sue Joos The colors are much prettier in person.

                                       Single Irish Chain for Luke & Katie. I did quilt this (feathers of course!).   The fabrics from Connecting Threads. Don't ya love the large print border?

And the last  few days in Kalona Iowa for the IIQH study group meeting. OMGosh, what quilt knowledge gathered in one room! Unbelivable! Our guest speaker was Edie McGinnis from Kanas City Star Quilts. She’s the one you talk to if you’re looking to publish a quilt book or pattern.  NOT ME she talked about her book  Confederates in the corn field: Civil War Quilts from Davis County, Iowa. 

I'm not sure if I've posted this quilt before  BUT the story is my f friend, Sue, FOUND A "QUILTS FOR SALE" AD ON cRAIGSLIST   in Milwaukee, no less and I bought this hand appliqued and HAND quilted BEAUTY FOR........$10.00. yep, TEN BUCKS!Plus a cross stitched baby quilt for the same price. This ladies' mother had died and they were selling her stuff. She had NO sentimental attachment to the quilts what soever so I don't feel guilty. I will appreciate the fine hand work AND will GIVE THEM A GOOD HOME.. The owner had no information (dates etc) to share
 ANYWAY, the quilt history group felt it was a quilt kit  from the Needle Craft Arts  Co. in Chicago IL 1929-1935 .It was definitely used  on a bed , one side of the green swag  fabric  is very faded.

                                                              Look @ my handsome helper.

 They held a silent auction At the meeting on Saturday. I couldn't walk away empty handed. Look at this redwork summer quilt (no batting) I had to buy it . Debating whether to take it apart and quilt it?? What do you think?  It is from the 1920's

no it is not penny squares but one solid piece of muslin. The backing fabric is the same as the borders.