Monday, December 27, 2010

The True Feeling of Christmas

"There, but for the grace of God, go I".
I thought this was a proverb from the Bible.
My mistake.
It is a quote by John Bradford,
made in the mid-sixteenth-century.
It kept ringing in my ears on Christmas Day.

Mike and I volunteered to help serve meals
to needy families in our community.
The atmosphere was festive,
live Christmas music, Santa, and lots of delicious hot food.
There were 800 meals served.
That number included meals delivered to shut-ins.

I can't begin to tell you how much joy was in the room!
The children were excited to get a gift from Santa.
Maybe the only one they received this year.
People lingered over coffee, talking and singing.
Having an extra serving of pie.

I know it sounds corny, like in the movies, but
it warms your soul.
Making your blessings even more appreciated!
After 60 odd years,
I found the true feeling of Christmas!

Ohhhhh....I hope you had warm and wonderful weekend.
And that Santa was extra good to you.

I did get a little sewing done.
And lots of ripping!
I'm making the chain blocks for the Snow Bound quilt.
Scrappy red and white.
I'm tempted to stitch another set of blocks in blue.
It was so much fun!

I'm heading out tomorrow to pick up a couple grand kids.
Bring them back to "Grandmaville"
Plan to see the Yogi Bear movie for the 7 year old
and go bowling.
Bake cookies with my 10 year old grand daughter and
hope we get a little stitching time together.

Didn't I tell you we are blessed!

See you next year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Have A Winner Here!

Did you think I forgot about you?
I drew the winners Sunday morning
and had good intentions of posting.
life got in the way!

On Saturday we went to see my granddaughter play
in her first-ever basketball tournament.
She was so nervous!
But after "settling down" the team did GREAT!
No girls sports back in the
covered wagon days when I went to school.
I'm so proud of her!

And now what you really stopped in to see.

The winner is number 2...
Kris from Simplify!

And number 13!
John'aLee from The Scrappy Appleyard.
Ladies, send me an em
ail with your address
and I'll get your pin cushion in the mail.

We had a huge snowfall overnight.
It sure looks like Christmas!
Ready or not here it comes!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pin Cushion Madness

I wanted to make my QUILTY friends a
"little something" for Christmas.

Decided a quilter can never have enough
Pin Cushions.

I searched the web for a free pattern
and couldn't believe all the possibilities.

Here are the 2 sites that I used for inspiration.
Both have excellent tutorials
with lots of photos.
Of course, I made a few minor changes.

Creative Kismet


I made 2 sizes.

Instead of cutting 8 separate wedges I pieced a 4 patch.
4-4" squares for small 6" circle.
4-5" squares for large 8" circle.

Then,using my circle template, cut out my circles.
A few of the pin cushions have a solid piece for the back.
Others the 4 patch.

What is this?
My filler.
Ground English Walnut Shells.
I read about it on several sites.
Alex Anderson uses this in her pin cushions.
Makes them "weighty" and helps keep needles sharp.
I found this large bag for $9.99 at my local pet store.
Enough to fill more pin cushions than I can make!

I also used this long needle.
Left over from the 80's (used for doll sculpture).
Don't even ask.

I used 7/8"covered buttons for the top.
And a regular button for the bottom.
Chained stitched around the seam
with 6 strands of matching floss.
A little extra detail.

This one is made from an old linen dish towel
that was stained beyond use.

And wool.
I used iron on interfacing for backing the wool & linen
to keep the filling from seeping out.
And found the perfect button in my button jar.
I knew I saved all those strays for a reason!

In this season of "giving"
I'd like to send one of my dear blog readers
a few "seasoned" cookbooks and a pin cushion.
Just leave a comment.
I'll draw a name on Saturday.
Or two.
I have enough crushed walnut filling
that's for sure!

Warm holiday wishes.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas without cookies?
I think not!

Check out the Cookie Exchange
Jodi from Pleasant Home is hosting.
Click on the photo and turn on the oven!

Here is
one of our family favorites.
I posted it last year so it's a repeat.
soooo worth it.

My oldest son Jeff doesn't call Christmas

"officially" here until he eats a dozen! Click on the recipe to enlarge.

Remember the free printable post?
Well, I changed my mind.
I should say frames.
I put the metallic ribbon matte into a white frame.
Doesn't it look so elegant?

I then used grosgrain ribbon to make a second one.
Polka Dots....of course.
It fits the red frame so much better.
Don't ya think?

Oh happy day......
A sign I believe!

Wouldn't this look so cute on a cookie exchange table?
above the cookie jar?

Just click on the image to enlarge.
Save image to your computer.
And print.
It fits a 5 x 7 frame.

And last but not least.
to Anne from Bunny Hill Designs
for the free BOM pattern she made
available this year (and last).

I can't wait to see the finished quilts!

I'm heading to the big city tomorrow morning
to help out for a few days with the youngest grand babies.
Oh how I miss those hugs & kisses.

In case you need a little holiday pick me up.

How can you not smile after watching this????

Stay safe & warm.
And may the holiday spirit follow you
wherever you go!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Christmas Printable

Ohhhh, look at this cute Christmas picture I made!
It w
as so easy to do.
Click on over to
Tara at Just Devine Style for your free copy.

Here's how I
did it.
I printed the image on my computer using glossy photo paper.
Spray painted an old frame red.
Covered the matte with
perfect ribbon I found
at Michaels.
All 3 colors were on one spo
ol. Cost $1.50!
And ta da.....

I found this ribbon idea on line at one of the "linky parties"
and can't remember where.

All the Christmas ideas floating around the web
makes my head spin!

And just this morning Kristin
at Betty Crocker Wannabe
posted this free printable.

Lookin out my front door this morning!
Stay warm dear friends.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Baaack........

And ready to rumble!
Let the Christmas decorating begin.

My front porch WELCOME.
This is the treasure I found at
Apple Butter House on our girls day out.
He's just perfect with the twinkle lights.

I bought this large basket last year from Caroline.
I arranged the evergreens and added the red polka dot ribbon.
I had it on my front door but since
we added a storm door it doesn't fit in between.

Do you have that problem to?
Pardon the large black nail.
It's just temporary.
Did you notice that "white stuff" falling?

This round wreath is on my back door into the garage.
There's those red polka dots again.
You know what they say
"Back door guests are always best"

My fireplace mantel.
I'm still not finished fessing with it.
Those never used white linen embroidered
came in handy.
Thanks Kel.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without
my Moms' pink angel and Santa.
She loved Christmas (and the color pink).
The pink angel use to adore her tree top
and the snow globe plays Amazing Grace
her favorite hymn.

Pink Santa has kept watch for many years.

Our visit to St Louis was fantastic!
Family gatherings full of laughter & hugs.
I was so disappointed that BOTH quilt shops
in the area were closed when I was able to sneak out.

I've been busy the past couple days with laundry
(the worst part of travel) and
going thru my Christmas decorations.
But I have been working on a few projects I will share soon.
Still going to physical therapy 2 times a week.
My arm is improving but having a difficult time
with shoulder movement.
Which makes it almost impossible to quilt without pain.

Does anyone know where I could find directions
for crocheting over rick rack?
I've searched the web and can't find anything.
My grandma made the prettiest trims for towels
using this technique.
Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate it at the time,
and declined her offer to teach me to do it.
I thought it was "old lady" work.
Oh Grandma, I'm so sorry now......

Before I run off I want to share with you the
cutest, I mean cutest, Christmas video for children.
If your a Grandma (or mama) check it out.
Simple to do. You just fill in the blanks and
Santa talks to your child.
Here's the link to the card I made for my grandson
so you can see what I'm talking about.
Message from Santa to Aiden

Hugs and stay warm.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

St Louie here we come....

Another FUN trip to the Apple Butter House
for a FAB-U-LOUS Country Christmas!

A girlfriends day out.
Shopping at Hobby Lobby,
after getting our creative juices flowing.
Lunch at Olive Garden for
all you can eat soup, salad & bread sticks.
And a new pair of shoes.
Perfect day in my book!

Just a few of the cute displays.
I wish I could set my tree in a metal bucket or basket.
Isn't that just the cutest!
And a new purpose for an old boot.
Next week I'll show you
what treasure I found for my front porch.

Meanwhile, I've been stitching some red work.
Here are the October & November blocks from Snowbound.
I've gotta get them in the mail tomorrow.
Carolyn, I haven't forgotten you!!
Just one more block!
I can't wait to see your finished quilt.
I've been collecting reds and whites,
one fat quarter at a time.

And do you remember Anne's
A Tiskit A Tasket BOM
from last year?
Well, I'm almost done.
Just 2 more blocks to finish (on our road trip to St Louis).
You can see I added some lattice to the baskets
to fill in the empty space.
I love how they turned out!

Here's a project I've been working on in Photo Shop.
Family Rules.
I'm taking one to each family we are visiting with in St Louis.
This sub way art is really the rage in all the "up scale" catalogs" this year.

Well.....a girl has to stay busy... even with a broken arm!

I made a "font" list.
It's amazing all the free font sites on the web.
These are from Scrap Village.

Lastly, I've gotta share a "bright idea" I had
while shopping at Hobby Lobby.

They sell an assortment of boxes for baked goods.
The long narrow cupcake box fit quilt strips perfectly.

Best part, they were half price!
10 boxes for $2.99.
I'm sure I can find a spot for red polka dots somewhere.....

Stay safe this Thanksgiving holiday.
And remember to count your blessings.
When I count mine, your on the top of the list!
Thanks for stopping by.