Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a Mess!

We were in MLK for 3 days last week,
 babysitting the grands.
It rained the entire time.
We came home to a wet-wet-wet
 lower level. 
Completely ruined the carpet in my studio and computer room.

We had to move everything up and out.
Oh what a job!
Luckily, I have 2 extra bedrooms.
Dehumidifier and fans blowing 24/7.
Now if it would just warm up so I could
 open the windows 
we had snow flakes on Friday!
Sadly, we are expecting another week of rain......
can you quilt in hip waders?

I'm sew looking forward to Tuesday.
Sewing with friends.

Hope life is easier in your neck of the woods.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Century of Progress

Did you know that in 1933 Sears,Roebuck & Company
 sponsored the largest quilt contest in history?

Over 24,000 women jumped at the chance
 to win over $1,000 in prize money.
Not surprising since this was at the
height of the great depression.

The guest speaker at our IIQSG meeting
on Saturday was Merikay Waldvogel.
She lectured on her book

Merikay was amazing!
She brought to life the stories 
of the quilts, and the quilters. 
Scandals and all, oh my. 
Out of the 24,000 quilts entered 
only 225 have been found.
Another reason to search  
flea markets and estate sales. 
Could you image finding such a treasure?

The IIQSG meetings are held the first week
of April and August at the

What a beautiful museum.
It's a "must see" if you are ever in the area.
Look at the cute quilt block trim on the front porch.

This is one of the vignettes in the quilt room.
The exhibit of spool cabinets is unbelievable.
Love how ornate this one is. 

This was my favorite quilt.
Doesn't the petal pattern and fabrics look modern? 
So many different designs going on.

You will be so proud of me.
Seven quilt shop stops and I purchased
3 1/2 yards of fabric.
I can't say that about the others...but
What happens on quilt trips 
stays in the car!

Rainy and cool here today.
Time to curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book.

I'm not one for time travel or Stephen King, but I'm loving this book.
Especially since I lived thru the 60's.
My "glory days" more or less LOL.

Don't forget to check out 

Stay Safe my friend and 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Organizing Fabric- What a job!

Fair warning, this project is not
 for the faint of heart.
ORGANIZING your fabric.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and
thought I would start one shelf at a time.
Well, that didn't work.....
It's like eating just one potato chip!

I used over 300 comic book boards.

Love the finished look.
My own little quilt shop.

I organized my "odds & ends",
backings, and fat quarters using
plastic storage containers.

 I'm giving 4 bags of 
"What the heck was I thinking"
fabrics to charity.

How I store my WIP
(works in progress)
 The vinyl bags are sold for fat quarter storage.
JoAnn's had them on clearance
and I bought several.
(Like all they had). LOL
It makes taking projects to retreats, 
and Sew Days so convenient.
Keeps everything you need
for the project together. 

My reward for all this hard work is
 a weekend with the girls.
Going to Kalona Iowa
for a Quilt History meeting.
I've gone the last 3 years
 and love this group.
There are 19 quilt shops on the way.
How many do you think we'll hit?
I still have a little space left on my shelves.

 Here is my fabric case closed.
I purchased these at Farm & Fleet. 
Made by Sauder (do it yourself) cheap.

Hope your having a great week.