Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh where should I start...

let's start with the FUN stuff first!

This is the cutest pattern for little treat bags you ever did see!

It's a free pattern from All People Quilt
You get 4 little bags out of 2 fat quarters!
It's TOP SECRET what our group is making them for.
Will let you know soon.

Remember I told you Apple Butter House
was having a Fall Harvest Sale?

Look what I found!!!!

No holes, rips or stains.
Twin size (55 x 67)

All hand pieced one inch hexes!

The best part.
The unbelievable price!

Don't ya LOVE surprises in the mail?
I sure do, look what came.
Mary Engelbreit's latest cook book.

Full of cute illustrations and delicious recipes.

I can't wait to try this yummy stuffing recipe.
Made in the crock pot, how easy will that be!

Thought I'd leave you with a little glimpse of WI Fall.
Our tree in the front yard.

We sat on the front porch this weekend drinking coffee and eating
the most delicious cranberry-pumpkin bread a friend had dropped off.
I'll share the recipe soon.

Still not able to use my left arm.
Dr wants me to keep it in the sling for another 2 weeks.
He needs to make sure the bone is healed before
I start "pumping iron" LOL
I go back on the 8th for the green light.
Do you realize what you can't do
using only one arm?
I can blow dry my hair but not use my curling iron or back comb.
I can kinda sew with my small machine but not iron.
Sure has slowed me up that's for sure.
I told Hubby maybe he needs to think about a new career

Hope this finds you healthy and happy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Healing Time

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.
DR visit to remove the stitches and
get the go ahead to quilt again.
My arm is definitely on the mend.
I can feel & see daily improvements.
Luckily, I still have movement in my elbow,
wrist and fingers.Which was a concern after surgery.
But hey, when a girl can pull up her own undies
it's a score!

I want to share this super QUICK and EASY
tea towel apron pattern with you.
I found both written instructions and a fabulous video at
Missouri Quilt Company

Love my vintage blue towel.

This is a stack of 19 aprons made at our
Friendship Stars Quilt Guild Saturday Sew Day.
Each sewer made an apron in support of
National Tie one On Day
November 24,2010

While I couldn't actually sew, I made a great supervisor!

On Sunday our latest addition was baptized.
Isn't she just the cutest baby!
And so good natured, just like her grandma....

This is my favorite photo at the church.
Little Piper smiling and cooing for the Priest.
She's the best baby!

I hope your enjoying the fall weather.
Love the sunny days and crisp nights!

Apple Butter House sale this weekend!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Your not going to believe this.....


To make a long story short
I fell last Saturday
and broke my left humerus bone.
On Wednesday the Dr operated and
placed a plate and 8 pins in.

The bionic longarmer?

Will post more soon.