About Me

A little bit about me......
My love for sewing started, as a little girl, with my Grandmother.
Making gingham serving aprons for the church ladies.
I haven't stopped sewing since!
Piecing quilt tops for 40 years now and professionally
 long-arm quilting 10 years.

I Love Old Quilts! Each top I buy is a piece of lost history.
Lost is the name of the maker and what her intentions were.
Was this quilt going to be a gift...or was it needed to keep her family warm next winter? Why wasn't she able to finish it?
Who packed it away?

I purchase quilt tops anywhere I can find them!
Antique stores, flea markets, yard sales, and Ebay.
I'm always on the look out!
I make the necessary repairs and then find
the perfect backing fabric.
After quilting and hand stitching the binding,
I machine wash and dry on low
giving the quilt the vintage "wrinkled" look.

Can you imagine how happy the piecer would be
 to see her quilt finished?

Quilting is My Passion!

I love the entire process.
From choosing the pattern, finding beautiful fabrics,
piecing the top, than designing the perfect quilting motif.
I started my longarm quilting business in 2001
while living in Las Vegas, NV.
After struggling to quilt on my domestic sewing machine,
I thought, there has to be a better way!
When I told my husband I wanted to buy
a "longarm" quilting machine
and would need to take over our two car garage,
he laughed saying, "How big could a sewing machine be?"
He wasn't expecting 12 feet!