Thursday, May 8, 2008

Memories of Mom

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom and Grandma with my two sons. I could just kick myself for not dating the picture. My guess, this was taken around 1992-95. My boys look pretty young. I love the look my Grandma is giving Jeff.

These are the two most important women in my life. I love them both dearly. It's hard to believe it's been almost 8 years. First my mother, then 4 months later my grandmother passed away. It seems like only yesterday. As they say, what I wouldn't do "for just one more day".

It's been a long week without Mike home. I thought I'd get a lot of projects done. Not. A little medical issue kept me off my feet for 2 days. I can't tell you what that does to my schedule!

But watch out. Next week I'll have my camera back. I can't wait to show you the treasures I found at the Apple Butter House. The perfect bench for my front porch. And to think I didn't even know I needed one! Also, an old wooden bank box I might use as a tray or to store fat quarters in. Haven't decided yet. Hmmmm Wait til you see it!

Have a great weekend. And give your Mom a hug for me.

P.S. Did you see Oprah today? Cher (61) and Tina Turner together. Tina is going on tour 68! She still has it, doesn't she?

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