Monday, December 31, 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Old Favorites

I appreciate you stopping in to check on me.

Are you busy this weekend preparing for 
 Here are a few of my family favorites
that I make every year.
Wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Cranberries, 
a Wisconsin favorite!


And our favorite pumpkin dessert.

We are spending the holiday with my oldest son and his family. 
Can't wait to catch up with the grandkids!

Gobble til you waddle!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy as heck...

Just wanted to check in and say "all is well".
Busy as heck.
Have Grandbabies quilt pictures to share.
And retreat friends.
New recipe for Italian Beef.
Now to find the time to post.


 Don't you agree?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Take A Walk

So many beautiful colors this time of year.

Photos taken on the Rock River "Paw Park" trail. 
A taste of Fall.
Pumpkin Bread, a family favorite.
 My favorite Fall quilt.

Hope your enjoying the change of seasons!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Road Trip!

A day out with girlfriends.
Good friends and great food....
The perfect combination! 
Come on along!
Pumpkins everywhere!
OOOO, the magic of white lights.
Wasn't that fun??
Hubby is doing great. Up and walking with a cane.
We went to Milwaukee to visit the grandbabies on Sunday.
Took lots of pictures with their new quilts.
Yep, three quilts for birthday gifts this year.
And yes, it took me all year to finish them.
Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On the Road to Recovery

Thank Goodness we are on the down hill slide.
The surgery went well. Hubby is feeling great!
He is already using a cane in place of the walker.
The staff, every single person, at the VA Hospital
are professional, and friendly.
He couldn't have asked for better care.
You hear such horror stories in the news about VA services.
Not in Madison WI!  
I've been able to get a couple small projects finished up.
Two Table Toppers ready to use.
This is a FREE tea towel design from
Check out this cute Snowman Welcome FREE pattern .
I've had this on my To-Do List for years.
Of course, I just couldn't resist adding rick rack to the edges!
It's feeling like Fall here in WI.
I need to get my porch decorations up.
I LOVE the changing colors, falling leaves and pumpkins.
Apple Butter House Autumn Daze is next weekend....
wanta go?  
Have a GREAT week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


That's me!
 I finished my 1,273 th yo yo this week.
Finally, enough to put a quilt together!
There are 25 blocks of 49 yoyos (7 x 7)
I found several ideas on Pinterest on how to attach them to a base.
One gal used her longarm machine...

I tried the technique first by making a couple pillows.
Unfortunately, my hopping foot couldn't get over the
 gathered middle without catching.
Sew, looks like I will have to applique them by hand.
I was looking for a winter project....
This is the first time I finished pillow edges with binding.
I LOVE the look!
Looks like piping or cording, don't ya think?
But so much easier to do. 
I stitched a 2 1/2" fabric strip (ironed in half), mitering corners,
and ending just like a quilt.
The envelope back is edged with the same polka dot fabric.
Maybe I will bind my yoyo quilt in that *oh so 1930's*
green polka dot.
Hubby's surgery is scheduled AGAIN for this Monday, the 10th.
Hopefully, all will go well, and he will be on the road
 to recovery this time next week.
All the tests came out fine, no heart problems.
Doctors not sure what happened, but better to be safe than sorry.
Tomorrow Aiden turns six!
Hard to believe this little guy
started kindergarten this week.
Time sure flies.
 Afraid to blink....he will be in a cap & gown next.
Hope this finds you healthy and happy!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Didn't go as we expected...

Hubby's surgery didn't happen.
He was on the operating table when he had "heart issues".
The heart monitor went crazy and everything came to a stop.
All of his pre-op testing was fine so this was a total surprise.
Had to see a cardiologist and have tests run.
As it turned out Dr feels it was an anxiety attack.  
He is rescheduled for hip surgery on September 10th.
We'll try again.......

I did get some stitching done while waiting.
Working on  Red Work flour sack tea towels.
Looking at it now, I think I should have made the bow on the puppy red.
Not sure if I will change it.....
I found this cute Prairie Point edging idea on Pinterest.

It's beginning to feel like Fall with cooler mornings.
Great sleeping weather.
I love Fall, the smell of pumpkin bread baking, cinnamon sticks, cozy quilts....
if Winter didn't follow, life would be perfect.

 Hope all is well in your world!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hospitals are the pits

Lord knows, I know that first hand!
But it's Hubby's turn this time.
On Thursday he is scheduled to have his right hip replaced. 
It's been a crazy week with pre-op appointments etc.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
I have a beautiful Oriental customer quilt on my machine.
I was hoping to have it finished to show you this week. got in the way.
Here's my hand stitching and book ready for the
 hospital waiting game.

“War . . . next to love, has most captured the world’s imagination.”
Eric Partridge, British lexicographer, 1914

I'll leave you with a Pinterest Funny.
Ain't it the truth!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Log Cabin Fever

 Quilt, that is.
Each log cabin block measures 4 inches.
Each "log"  1/2 inch finished.
Isn't that incredible?
My customer is going to scallop the edges.
Love the red centers and flange,
really makes the quilt pop.
I think the quilted feathers add curves to the straight lines and texture. 
Oh, I just finished the best book!
This book is so well written you will believe it is true.
I have never read anything quite like it.
It mixes history, with romance, hardship, courage, and humor.
Parts of the book where definitely difficult to read.
Some graphic hardship and violence.
What sad things humans can do to each other.
Moving right along.
I want to share this size chart I found on
So handy.
I printed one and pinned it
to my design wall.

Well, I hope it's not to hot in your neck of the woods.
We're 95* with 150% humidity.  
It's a Popsicle kind of day!