Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Road Trip!

A day out with girlfriends.
Good friends and great food....
The perfect combination! 
Come on along!
Pumpkins everywhere!
OOOO, the magic of white lights.
Wasn't that fun??
Hubby is doing great. Up and walking with a cane.
We went to Milwaukee to visit the grandbabies on Sunday.
Took lots of pictures with their new quilts.
Yep, three quilts for birthday gifts this year.
And yes, it took me all year to finish them.
Happy Fall!


  1. Glad your husband is doing well. Which one are you in the photo? What a charming place that is!! I want to go!!!
    Looking forward to pics of the kiddos with their quilts!
    XO KRis

  2. What a fun road trip!! I love girlfriend days like that!! Nice to hear all your happy reports, too -- I expect we'll see pictures of said g'babies and their quilts soon??!!! :)


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