Friday, January 27, 2012

Sister Quilt Tops
 I found rescued a few years back from the flea market.
Both in excellent condition.
No holes, fading or worn spots.
Needed a little batting, backing and binding.
Just look at these fabrics......

 I love hand stitching the binding to the back.
Then it's machine washed & dried.
Giving it that wrinkled vintage look.
And 100% cotton everything
makes it soooo soft.  
 The quilt measures 72" x 86".
That's 1,548 - 2 inch squares
The quilting adds so much texture.
"Lil Sis" is completely finished.

"Big Sis" measures 81" x  89"
That's 440 - 4 inch squares
Both tops have exactly the same fabrics.
My guess is she made the 4" square top first
and then cut the scraps into 2" squares using all her leftover fabric.
No waste.
What do you think?
Look at these prints!
The same yellow reproduction print backing fabric
and blue binding on both.

A few more nights in front of the TV and she'll be ready for the wash.
Can you imagine how happy the piecer would be
to see her quilts finished?

Have Grandma will travel.
We spent a long weekend in Tomah
 cheering for our favorite team.

Son #1 coaches the 6th grade girls team.
My granddaughter can't believe girls didn't/couldn't
play sports in the "olden days".

I've been to MLK several times the last couple weeks and
heading out again on Sunday.
Grandma duty calls.

Hubby had 2 Dr appointments at the VA in Madison.
Going to have a hip replacement this Spring.
Here he is sporting his new hat.
While in Tomah we went "junkin"
and this was his score.

Now he really looks like a Grandpa!
I found a cast iron round (14") pan 
perfectly seasoned for $10.00.
A steal! 

Not much else going on.
Winter has finally come to stay.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember my love of "rescuing" old quilt tops?

Well, this scrappy yellow stars top was a YARD SALE find.
Picture it stuffed in a bag a top a table.
Wasn't very big (30 x 45) but all hand pieced
 and scrappy-scrappy-scrappy. 
I added the homespun plaid border, navy flannel backing
and yellow binding.
Isn't it darling??
To think someone thought it was garbage....

Found this free pattern on Pinterest

I haven't crocheted in years.
Except towel edgings of course.
This scarf was so fun, easy and
quick (2 hours, once I got the hang of it).
I made 3 4 5 ok 6!
I used a size "P" hook instead of the H because I
tend to crochet tight.
Here are my little gals modeling for me.

Unfortunately, Mom didn't make it in the pictures.

Speaking of towel edges.
I stitched Sun Bonnet Sue up over the holidays for a quick gift.
Green on a striped linen towel.

Here she is in redwork.

Sooo cute with the black puppy.
Days of the week towel patterns purchased here. many projects so little time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OOOOO, wait til you hear....

Yep, you read that right.
No show.
In fact, seasonably warm.
Can you hear me singing the
"Hallelujah Chorus"?

I've been busy packing up my Christmas decorations,
seasonal clothes, odds and ends.
Trying to

(found on Pinterest)

Here's a project that I finished up last year but never shared.

Remember the jelly roll races?
Well....I had a stack of red and blue fat quarter flannels
screaming to be made into a quilt.
So, I cut each FQ into strips 3" by 22".
Stitched the strips together, using the same technique.
Quick and Easy.
The top finished longer than I wanted
so I used the excess to made a flannel throw pillow.
Bordered and backed with navy flannel.
Bound in red plaid, cut on the bias. 

Manly, yes?

I was a good girl this year (fooled Santa)
and found a Thrive tablet under the tree.
I'm crazy about it!
I can sit in my easy chair at night and check blog friends
and that bad-bad-bad
I only say that because it is so addicting.
See for yourself.
I've found a million photos and ideas prompting me to
Who needs television?

Health and happiness to you!