Friday, September 18, 2009

A BIG Setback & A Real Comfort

Dear Friends, I'm not sure how to start.
It's such a BIG step backwards for me.
I've been crying for the last 3 days trying to
come to terms with what has happened.

On Wednesday, I had my last Dr appointment.
I expected him to say "Go forth....and resume your life".
But it didn't happen.
I had a lump develop under my neck
on top of my chest after surgery.
The Dr assured me it was scar tissue and would shrink as time went on.
Instead it seemed to get larger and protrude even more.
So on Wed. he decided to remove the "scar tissue".
It was suppose to take 20 minutes using a "local" to numb the area.
As he started to remove the lump he said
"Your not going to believe what I found"
I immediately thought tumor.
But no, it was a sponge.
Yes, you read that right.
A Large Black Sponge.
And my body had grown around it.
It also attached itself to one of the wires that was used to wire my
breastbone together during my open heart surgery.
He needed to use wire cutters to get it out!

Talk about scary.
What was suppose to take 20 minutes
turned into a 2 hour nightmare.
I have a large hole in my chest again.
I have to wear a wound vac again.
I am so frustrated with the medical care I received.
It has been one big mistake after another.
The Dr and nurses are each blaming the other.

I can't believe this could happen.
I was beginning to have hope.
Hope of resuming a normal life.
Full of work, family, and grandbaby kisses.

Can you feel the tears as I am typing?
I wonder, will I ever be the same again?
This is the COMFORT QUILT my sewing group
the "Sew Whats" made for me.
It couldn't have come at a better time.
It is so beautiful!
I wish you could see it in person.
Mary V. did a fabulous quilting pattern.

The binding is pink polka dots.
My favorite.

Here are a few close ups of the blocks.

I want to thank each "Sew What" who made a block for me.
To Sandy H. and Peggy for choosing the beautiful
floral and plaid fabric.
And for piecing it together.

To Mary V. for quilting it.
I know how busy your schedule is.
To Sandy V. who bound the quilt.

Sandy, not to worry, you did a fantastic job.
Your corners are perfect!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where does the time go?

It just seems like yesterday he was a babe in arms.
Turning three our little guy is all grown up, or so it seems.

He sure has a mind of his own, that's for sure!
One of his birthday gifts was a leaf blower....with safety goggles.
When he put them on we couldn't help but laugh.
Birthday boy would not turn them around for anything.

Here he is opening his gift from Grandma & Papa, with the help of Daddy.
For his birthday the family went to a Brewers game.
All except Grandma that is.
I was afraid it would be toooo much walking in the heat.
Plus the seats were in the sun.
I preferred to stay home and nap.


It was so nice to visit with family.
And get away.
All week it's been Dr visits and tests.
I can't tell you how old this is getting!
Treasure your health.

I'm still trying to finish a few projects.
A vintage Dresden plate needs borders.
I have enough plates to make another quilt.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Fall!

Or at least it feels like it this morning.
In fact, the whole week has been breezy and cool.
I just wanted to show you 2 more of my finishes.
Both are fast and easy patterns if you need a quick gift.
The first one is "Turning Twenty Again".
(Don't I wish! hehehe....)

The fabric line, most of it anyway, is Portobella Market by 3 Sisters.
My photo looks a little crooked because it is.
I've somehow lost all my photo editing skills.
Love the soft colors.
You might remember I showed you this quilt while
I was piecing it last fall.
WAS going to be a Christmas gift for Dad.
Sorry Pops, it doesn't look like I'll get it to you this year either.
Unless you'd like it unquilted?

Here's the "Boxed Blessings" pattern.
I think it would make a great scrap quilt!

Don't ya think the Black & Whites looks "manish"?

I also baked this weekend.
You can tell I'm feeling better.
Sewing and Baking.
My 2 most favorite things in the world to do.
Next to longarm quilting that is.
And who knows when that's going to happen.
They did remove my wound vac after 10 l-o-n-g weeks.
I can't tell you how overjoyed I am not to have to carry
my 5 lb purse around 24/7.
But.....always a but.
My wound isn't completely closed.
The Dr would like me to wait until it's healed before
I start longarm quilting again.
Because machine quilting uses so much upper body movement.
I told him if I didn't start back soon he would have to buy my house!

Here's my favorite pumpkin bread recipe.
It makes 3 loaves which is great for gift giving.
I try to have a few loaves in the freezer during the holidays.
Holidays? What am I thinking!

This is what I have been living on for the past 10 weeks.
No, not pumpkin bread.
Protein shakes.
Did you know protein helps you heal?
I've added 100 grams a day.
Substituting 2 meals.
I doctor it up with fresh fruit which helps.
You'd think I'd be 100 pounds
dripping wet by now wouldn't ya?

I'm going to my first sewing circle
meeting in 6 months. I'm sew-sew excited!

Have a great weekend friends!