Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Fall!

Or at least it feels like it this morning.
In fact, the whole week has been breezy and cool.
I just wanted to show you 2 more of my finishes.
Both are fast and easy patterns if you need a quick gift.
The first one is "Turning Twenty Again".
(Don't I wish! hehehe....)

The fabric line, most of it anyway, is Portobella Market by 3 Sisters.
My photo looks a little crooked because it is.
I've somehow lost all my photo editing skills.
Love the soft colors.
You might remember I showed you this quilt while
I was piecing it last fall.
WAS going to be a Christmas gift for Dad.
Sorry Pops, it doesn't look like I'll get it to you this year either.
Unless you'd like it unquilted?

Here's the "Boxed Blessings" pattern.
I think it would make a great scrap quilt!

Don't ya think the Black & Whites looks "manish"?

I also baked this weekend.
You can tell I'm feeling better.
Sewing and Baking.
My 2 most favorite things in the world to do.
Next to longarm quilting that is.
And who knows when that's going to happen.
They did remove my wound vac after 10 l-o-n-g weeks.
I can't tell you how overjoyed I am not to have to carry
my 5 lb purse around 24/7.
But.....always a but.
My wound isn't completely closed.
The Dr would like me to wait until it's healed before
I start longarm quilting again.
Because machine quilting uses so much upper body movement.
I told him if I didn't start back soon he would have to buy my house!

Here's my favorite pumpkin bread recipe.
It makes 3 loaves which is great for gift giving.
I try to have a few loaves in the freezer during the holidays.
Holidays? What am I thinking!

This is what I have been living on for the past 10 weeks.
No, not pumpkin bread.
Protein shakes.
Did you know protein helps you heal?
I've added 100 grams a day.
Substituting 2 meals.
I doctor it up with fresh fruit which helps.
You'd think I'd be 100 pounds
dripping wet by now wouldn't ya?

I'm going to my first sewing circle
meeting in 6 months. I'm sew-sew excited!

Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Sounds like slowly and surely you are healing and getting back to the life you enjoy. I am delighted for you. Your quilts are always a treat to view....quilted or unquilted. Listen to your body, take care of yourself and enjoy the sewing time with friends!


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