Friday, July 29, 2011

SUPER FAST Jelly Roll Quilt

Okay, I maybe a little late for the party.....
but have you seen this video?
I couldn't believe it.
Piece a jelly roll top in 35 minutes?
(That's the record time).
I was fascinated to say the least.

Of course, I had to try it.
It took me about 90 minutes
start to finish.

I started with 2 half price jelly rolls from JoAnn's.
Each one contained 20 strips.
You need 40, or 1600 inches. 
The most important thing to remember is to cut the first strip in half.
(you won't need it)
This enables the seams to be staggered.
Next, sew all the strips together, end to end, on the diagonal.
I believe this is what took so long to do.
Or sew it seams.
I just picked a color, at random, no set pattern.

Then, find the two ends of the long strip and stitch, right sides together.
Cutting loop apart at end.
You now have a L-O-N-G (800") strip that is 2 jellyroll strips wide.

Find the 2 ends and stitch again.
Your strip is now 4 strips wide and 400" long.
 Repeat stitching ends 4 more times
 your piece should be 32 strips wide.
Your Finished!
My top measures  50" x 62".
Add a border and you've made a nice size lap.

Clear as mud?
Here's the tutorial from

Last night I kept thinking about the box of 2 1/2" strips I have cut.
My strips were 22" long so I chose 40 and used the same technique
for a baby quilt. I didn't time myself but is went together QUICK.
This one I pieced the strips together straight edge.
Really scrappy.
Just what I had on hand.

Finished size approximately 34" x 50"
Notice the strips are vertical?
With a little more thought I maybe able to make it work!

What a wonderful charity project for our guild.
Can't wait to share it with them next month. 
Let me know if you try it!
Or have made one.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday

For lack of a better title.
Life is busy but not exciting.
Which is fine with me.
Life without drama is good.

I did receive a package in the mail!
Christmas in July.

The cutest  red & white polka dot chicken
 sugar and creamer set.
Thank you Peggy Sue!

I've been busy quilting customer quilts.
Sue loves-loves-loves her embroidery machine.
She always leaves wide open spaces for my quilting.
The wavy edge really adds something extra.

And Lin's "Contemporary Blues".
It's hard to see but I quilted circles.
Hoping to soften all the straight lines in the design.
Adding to the 3D effect.

This week is much of the same.
Trying to stay cool.
Working Quilting.
And anxiously awaiting for August 12th when

this movie opens.
I enjoyed the book so much!
Have you seen the previews on TV?
Sissy Spaceck looks like the perfect choice for a
movie set in 1960's Southern Mississippi. 
Oh, the hairstyles and  fashions, I can't wait.

My all time favorites:
#1 "Fried Green Tomaotoes"
#2 Steel Magnolias
#3 Terms of Endearment
What's your favorite "chick flick"?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bragging (alittle)

I just have to share these fabulous photos
I received this morning.
My customer, Kathleen, was the Featured Quilter
 at her local show this year.
What an honor!

I emailed her for permission to post her pictures and she said
but make sure you say that YOUR quilting was over the top!"
Awww shucks.
Kathleen displayed 35 beautiful quilts.
Many I quilted and showed here on my blog.
Her love of traditional pieces works well with my
style of longarm quilting.

Her crazy quilt won the Judge's Choice Award.
And this is her stash of ribbons.

I've been meaning to share these two new frames I made.
This one sits on my shelf in the dining area.
It's fits a 5 x 7 frame.
To make one of your own, click on the image to enlarge
and save to your computer.
This next one, is my favorite.
4 x 6 frame from Wally-World.
I couldn't get a picture without the glare.
Without the flash the colors looked sick.

Click on the image to enlarge.
Save to your computer.

We've been having a  record HEAT WAVE.
So I'm staying cool in the lower level
quilting customer quilts and planning on what to
take to our Saturday Sew Day.
So many projects to choose from finish.

We had such a good time at our Guild picnic last week.
BEFORE the heat wave.

Becky made a crockpot of BBQ as they call it here in WI.
I call them sloppy joes.
Whatever you call them they're delicious!

Stay cool and remember what I tell my hubby.
"At least you don't have to shovel heat!"

P.S.  Thank you to Madame Samm for noticing that my email & comment sections weren't working and took the time to call and help me. It seems there's always something going on with Blogger.
Madame Samm you're the GREATEST!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Stormy Weather

A storm passed thru this morning and left our deck a mess.
Guess I'll be looking for a new table at the end of the season.

We went to MLK on Sunday to celebrate Piper's First Birthday.

What a cutie!

I did a little stitching this week.

Finished up my BOM's for June & July.

And sewed 3 rows of my quilt together.
I'm half way there!
When the last block is posted I'll be on the home stretch.

(photo from Hoot-n-Nanny)
This pie recipe is perfect for summer.
NO BAKING. must be refrigerated 8 hours before serving.
A good "make the the day before" if you remember.
I found the recipe here.
Lanell has how to photos and lots of tempting recipes.

(click on recipe to print)
What can I say......I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!
Busy week ahead.
Friendship Stars Quilt Guild Picnic.
Sure to be a good time.
Isn't show & tell the best part of guild meetings?
Working on customer quilts.
And a "how to" on bais binding.
I've had several emails inquiring
 about the scallop edges on my redwork basket quilt.

Stay safe.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Gathering

Please bear with me as I post family pictures
from our 4th of July celebration.
Family & friends peek at my blog for updates.

My Dad, from Las Vegas, brother & sister in law, from CA
and Uncle from MI were here for the long weekend.
It was wonerful to see my Dad, so healthy and strong.
He will be 80 in October and goes to the gym
3 days a week and loves to swim.
Puts me to shame.

I met my sister in law, Maria, for the first time. 
We are kindred spitits!
Wish we lived closer to each other.
She loved my quilts and took pictures to show her friends!
I shared my recipe box and a few old church cookbooks. 
Nothing better than bonding over recipes.
She has such a kind and loving heart.
I'm so glad they found each other.
I hope they come back to visit every year!

Used a quilt for the back drop.
Wanted to cover the swing set.

I just couldn't resist this photo with Aiden making a face.
It's soooo cute!

They are both growing up to-to fast

I tried 2 new recipes I will share soon.
But I've spent way to much time on the computer the last few days.
Creating a new look for summer.
Do you like it?

Won't be so long between visits next time.
I promise.