Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Gathering

Please bear with me as I post family pictures
from our 4th of July celebration.
Family & friends peek at my blog for updates.

My Dad, from Las Vegas, brother & sister in law, from CA
and Uncle from MI were here for the long weekend.
It was wonerful to see my Dad, so healthy and strong.
He will be 80 in October and goes to the gym
3 days a week and loves to swim.
Puts me to shame.

I met my sister in law, Maria, for the first time. 
We are kindred spitits!
Wish we lived closer to each other.
She loved my quilts and took pictures to show her friends!
I shared my recipe box and a few old church cookbooks. 
Nothing better than bonding over recipes.
She has such a kind and loving heart.
I'm so glad they found each other.
I hope they come back to visit every year!

Used a quilt for the back drop.
Wanted to cover the swing set.

I just couldn't resist this photo with Aiden making a face.
It's soooo cute!

They are both growing up to-to fast

I tried 2 new recipes I will share soon.
But I've spent way to much time on the computer the last few days.
Creating a new look for summer.
Do you like it?

Won't be so long between visits next time.
I promise.

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