Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Elkhorn Flea Market

Sunday was a perfect summer day.
To walk around the flea market.
If you live within driving distance of
Elkhorn WI
you really shouldn't miss it.
I'm always able to find beautiful treasures at low prices.
A perfect reason to go.
Here's the website for more information
and future dates.

Check out this fabulous quilt top I bought.
Measures 70" x 85"
That's 1488 2" squares!
For $25.00!!

Hello pink kitty.

Excellent Perfect condition.
No rips, stains or holes.

Polka Dots 
Of course!

And this tablecloth was a steal.

Mint Perfect condition.
No stains, holes, fade spots.

Red checks and daisies.
Doesn't it just scream summer?

OOOO, and look at this beautiful dish towel.

Perfect condition.


Perfect stitches.
The back is as lovely as the front.

I wish my embroidery backs looked that nice.

Our friend, Peggy Sue, (from Sacramento) came to
visit for a few days and went with us.
She was thrilled with the treasure hunt.
Now just to fit her purchases in her suitcase.

Here are a couple new recipes I made.
Click on the recipe to enlarge and print.
Mike put the pork roast in the crock pot
Sunday morning at 5:30 (we left at 6 a.m.).
It smelled heavenly when we walked back in the house
 after a long 6 hour day of treasure hunting. 

 I made the dessert.
Layered Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake.

Served the pulled pork sandwiches
with Oriental coleslaw.

More company coming this week.
My Dad from Las Vegas
and baby brother & SIL from CA.
Aunts, Uncles & cousins from MI.
A houseful!

Planning a BIG old fashion
family picnic Sunday.
 Great Grandpa has 4 new grandbabies to meet.
Six altogether.
Can't wait.

Happy 4th of July!!!!


  1. Wow.....you made out like a bandit on those flea market finds! I can't believe what great condition everything was in, too! Amazing! Lucky girl!

    Those recipes sound amazing....can't wait to make the dessert....yum! And it sounds so easy, too! Thanks!

    Hope you have a great family reunion! Happy 4th!

  2. Boy howdy...you made out at that flea market. And aren't they a ball to go to? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those are some great finds! Love the quilt top AND the tablecloth.. very nice!

  4. Oh my goodness....I love that red check table cloth!! And I have a quilt almost exactly like that with the little squares. I got it for a song too.


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