Friday, February 21, 2014

All is well... except for the weather!

I Am keeping busy  hand stitching. I have a million embroidery projects in the works.Thiswas  a free pattern, in QuiltMaker Jan/Feb 1999. Yep...1999. It is available at the Crabapple Hill Website.   My plan is to finish stitching this weekend. Then make it into a pillow. To remind me SPRING  will COME  SOMEDAY. But for now.  Cold,Windy (50 mph)and more snow on the way. I'll just sit in front of the fireplace and dream of summer days I do believe, I am  " solar powered".
I feel so much better. on a sun shinny day. ENOUGH of this COLDweather! I can't wait for my California vacation.

I had a SEW DAY last Saturday. OOOO HAPPY DAY! I wish I could do it  more often but .....

Stay Stay safe and warm.  Stop back again.