Monday, May 26, 2008

It's ALL About PINK!

My new "old' barn board bench loaded up.

The sign reads "Come sit on my porch with me
My drinks are cold and my friendship free"
I wish I could hang my welcome sign under the porch light
but Mike doesn't want me to put a hole in the siding.

See my 3 Iris blooms? I'm shocked they live thru the winter as cold
as it gets here. Have you made any teacup bird feeders yet? So easy.
I use copper piping. I love the patina it gets as it ages.
I found the cute bird feeder at Michael's.
A little heavier than the tea cups so I hope the glue holds up.

And now for the most EXCITING NEWS..........
My DS & DDIL called on Friday to tell us the news.
I bought these 2 little sleepers at Sam's Club today for $2.50 each.
And they're by Carter! Such a bargain. I couldn't pass them up.

My only granddaughter is thrilled to have a girl cousin on the way!

Quilt pictures soon. I'm working on a big one....100" x 115". Lots of feathers. My favorite.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day
a day to remember the brave American soldiers
who sacrificed their lives
for the USA, their homeland and its citizens.
The three-day weekend is a solemn occasion
to commemorate their bravery.

Stay safe,

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh..the thrill of the hunt!

The bench is made from old barn boards. It is going to look wonderful on my front porch loaded with plants and treasures. And the wooden box. It is an old bankers box. There is writing on the side but no date. I thought it would make a cute serving tray with those neat handles. Can't you see a vintage napkin draped inside with tall glasses of ice tea or lemonade? The salt box is going to hold my quilt marking pens in my studio.

Check out the cute folding chair. It's the perfect size for our little guy. He moved it around the room. First in front of the TV then next to Grandpa's chair. Then outside on the porch. His favorite place to be is "outside". While at the antique fair he flirted with the ladies. Blowing kisses goodbye when we left a booth. Of course, the more they fussed over him the more he talked. He was a real trooper!

Here are the linens I purchased. Each one hand embroidered. Beautiful workmanship. To think someone spend hours stitching these table cloths only to have it sold for $3.00 years later. All are in perfect condition. I use them as table toppers on my dining and coffee tables.

We are sticking close to home this holiday weekend. What with the price of gas! It's $3.99 a gallon here today! Hope the weather holds out so I can get some yard work done. I need to get some geraniums planted. They are my favorite. So hard to kill.

Stay safe,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Spaghetti-O Kid

The Spaghetti-O Kid
It's been a L-O-N-G weekend. FULL of hugs and kisses. Such stories to tell.
Our trip to the antique and flea market was a hoot.
Details to follow. Hope everyone had a love filled weekend.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite New Book

Sentimental Living From The Porch by Alda Ellis


It is full of BEAUTIFUL-BEAUTIFUL photographs, seasonal decorating and craft ideas.

And the recipes! All with a "Southern" slant.

I can't wait to try the "Iced Tea Punch" and "Dallas Dip".

Here are a few pages from the book.

I bought the book at JoAnn's with my 40% off coupon.

Sometimes it just burns a hole in my pocket.

Grandpa and I are babysitting Thursday til Monday while the kids are in Hawaii. I've been to a few garage sales this season a found some fun things for our little guy. I'm sure I will have to share a few pictures.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've Been Busy Quilting

What a FUN quilt! The customer used ONLY paisley prints.
Quilted with a paisley overall and a feather border.

So Patriotic! Wouldn't this look cute draped over my white porch rocker?

Pink "Quilt for the Cure" Fabrics.
Customer is going to give it to her friend going thru treatment.
Quilted with an overall feather meandering creating beautiful texture.

Tomorrow I want to share my new favorite book.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Grandpa's Back!

Mike with our latest addition!

Reality set in this morning. Grandpa's back and at work today. He had such a great visit in California. HE loves babies...poopy diapers and all.

Mike took over 300 pictures on his trip! Thank goodness for the digital camera.

I'll have tons of quilt pictures tomorrow. I finally finished the scalloped edge binding on that KING size quilt. Never again. Just wavy edges next time. And pictures of my treasures from the Apple Butter House. It rained all weekend but sunny picture taking weather today!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Memories of Mom

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Mom and Grandma with my two sons. I could just kick myself for not dating the picture. My guess, this was taken around 1992-95. My boys look pretty young. I love the look my Grandma is giving Jeff.

These are the two most important women in my life. I love them both dearly. It's hard to believe it's been almost 8 years. First my mother, then 4 months later my grandmother passed away. It seems like only yesterday. As they say, what I wouldn't do "for just one more day".

It's been a long week without Mike home. I thought I'd get a lot of projects done. Not. A little medical issue kept me off my feet for 2 days. I can't tell you what that does to my schedule!

But watch out. Next week I'll have my camera back. I can't wait to show you the treasures I found at the Apple Butter House. The perfect bench for my front porch. And to think I didn't even know I needed one! Also, an old wooden bank box I might use as a tray or to store fat quarters in. Haven't decided yet. Hmmmm Wait til you see it!

Have a great weekend. And give your Mom a hug for me.

P.S. Did you see Oprah today? Cher (61) and Tina Turner together. Tina is going on tour 68! She still has it, doesn't she?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Blog Home

After a lot of work my new blog is up and running. What a job!
How do you like my new look? I was going for a Spring & Summer feel.
Michelle, from Shabby Creations, has pre-made blog designs for $8.00.
What a bargain! Check her out.

The "favorites" lists are still being worked on so if your not on it yet....give me will be.

I also put up a new website in addition to my longarm quilting site. It is called Finishing Threads and features quilts, pillows, and some darling baby items for sale. The baby items were made by my DDIL. I have such a stock pile of quilts, what's a quilter to do?

I will not be able to post new pictures this week. Mike took the camera. To California. He went to meet our new grandson, Landen, born in February. Remember the Dick & Jane quilt?
If airfare wasn't so darn expensive I'd be there with him.

The Spring issue of Quilt Sampler magazine is out and our local quilt shop Lif'e's a Stitch is featured. I'm so excited because it's the first time I've seen my name in print. I know big deal. IT IS! Actually, Pat, the shop owner, said it was a class sample. She didn't mention she was sending it off to be photographed or that it was going to be the magazine. Holy-Moley! Here are a few pictures from the article.

A Warm Welcome

Have a great Sunday.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quilting is my passion!

I love the entire process.
From choosing the pattern, finding beautiful fabrics,
piecing the top, than designing the perfect quilting motif.

My love for sewing started, as a little girl, with my Grandmother.
We made gingham serving aprons for the church ladies.
Complete with "chicken scratch" embroidery.
I haven't stopped sewing since!

I started my longarm quilting business in 2001
while living in Las Vegas, NV.
After struggling to quilt on my domestic sewing machine,
I thought, there has to be a better way!
When I told my husband I wanted to buy
a "longarm" quilting machine
and would need to take over our two car garage,
he laughed saying, "How big could a sewing machine be?"
He wasn't expecting 12 feet!

I love my A-1 machine.
It is "hand guided" (by me!)
not computer generated.
I enjoy working from the front of the machine quilting freehand.

My studio is in the lower level of our home in Janesville, WI.
My hubby has a garage again!
Much needed for these cold Wisconsin winters.

AND I Love Old Quilt Tops!

I feel every top I buy is a piece of lost history.
Lost is the name of the maker and what her intentions were.

Why wasn't she able to finish it? Who packed it away?

I purchase quilt tops anywhere I can find them
I make the necessary repairs and then find the perfect backing fabric.
After quilting and hand stitching the binding, I machine wash in cold water.
Then machine dry on warm, giving the quilt the vintage "wrinkled" look.

Quilt top hand pieced by "Mame" O'Neil in 1932
Machine quilted 2009.
77 years later!

Can you imagine how happy the piecer would be to see her quilt finished?