Monday, May 26, 2008

It's ALL About PINK!

My new "old' barn board bench loaded up.

The sign reads "Come sit on my porch with me
My drinks are cold and my friendship free"
I wish I could hang my welcome sign under the porch light
but Mike doesn't want me to put a hole in the siding.

See my 3 Iris blooms? I'm shocked they live thru the winter as cold
as it gets here. Have you made any teacup bird feeders yet? So easy.
I use copper piping. I love the patina it gets as it ages.
I found the cute bird feeder at Michael's.
A little heavier than the tea cups so I hope the glue holds up.

And now for the most EXCITING NEWS..........
My DS & DDIL called on Friday to tell us the news.
I bought these 2 little sleepers at Sam's Club today for $2.50 each.
And they're by Carter! Such a bargain. I couldn't pass them up.

My only granddaughter is thrilled to have a girl cousin on the way!

Quilt pictures soon. I'm working on a big one....100" x 115". Lots of feathers. My favorite.


  1. Baby girls are so fun to buy for!! I used to love sewing all sorts of stuff for my daughter. Now, of course, shes 7 and only wants Hannah Montana stuff =)

    btw, My hubby is the same way about putting holes in the siding, etc. I staple wired ribbon on the back of my signs and hang them over the porch light. Blessings... Polly

  2. Hi! I just discovered your blog. Your home is beautiful! So funny, I was just looking at teacup feeders online this morning! They are so pretty!

    I noticed you said you want to hang your sign, Ace hardware has special hangers just for vinyl siding. They just stick up under they siding, no holes :) I use them on my cottage. Some Ace's only carry them at Christmas but you can also get them on eBay.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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