Monday, June 2, 2008

Grandma's Dishes

My Grandma loved dishes!

She collected Desert Rose by Francisan.
Grandma used her dishes, she didn't keep them "just for looks". At our family get-togethers Grandma always set a beautiful table. Cloth everything. And flowers from her garden. I have wonderful memories of lingering around the large dinner table sipping coffee after our meal talking with family and friends. I inherited her 12 place settings plus a few pieces of pink depression glass. Since moving 2 years ago the dishes have been in storage. No room for my china hutch in the dining room. I missed using my dishes.
I want my grandchildren to remember eating family dinners on them.
While looking thru one of my decorating magazines it "hit" me. Why not put clear glass in one of my kitchen cabinet doors? I could use that as my "china hutch". I called the glass company and they said no problem. So here they are. Grandma's dishes.

I'm storing the bulk of the dishes in my pantry. Easy access now.

Speaking of my pantry. My next "BIG idea" is to replace my pantry door.
I'm thinking with a screen door . Maybe painted barn red? With a chalkboard insert?

Hmmmmm.....will keep you updated.

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