Saturday, June 21, 2008


WELCOME FRIENDS from "The House in the Roses"

Show Me Your Garden Tour!


Come on in.

I hung a quilt on the railing......

Cuz I knew you were coming!

"Come sit on my porch with me
My drinks are cold & my friendship's free"

Have a seat. Rock a spell.

Fresh pink lemonade. Icy cold.

My favorite pink butterfly quilt..... in case you get chilly.

Railing planter filled with pink & purple petunias and snowflakes.
Sorry they're not blooming.
All my flowers took a beating with the tornado winds
and flooding rain we had last week.

This is the extend of my garden.
My cora belles are a beautiful purple hue.
Last week "Iris" was in bloom.
I wish she'd stay all summer!

Butterfly Quilts are my favorite.

A summer x-stitched pillow made years ago.

An old pump I found at an antique sale.

My old chair holds a geranium.
It did have blooms before the storms.
The wind chime is made from an old plate and blue glass.
Very vintage.
I love the mama bird feeding her babies.

Tea cup bird feeder. So easy to make.

My cup broke so I put a feeder ( bought at Michael's) on this one.
Just as cute, don't ya think?

The stone reads "It takes a long time to grow an old friend".

Thanks to both Cielo, from The House in the Roses and

Tracey, A Cottage Industry, for hosting garden tours this week.

It was so much fun peeking over the fence and seeing

all the different garden spots.

Summer is officially here!

Hope you'll come back soon,


  1. Thanks for sharing your welcoming garden. I enjoyed the visit.

  2. Love the quilt...lovely garden too. Thank you for posting your pictures for us to enjoy.

  3. I loved looking at all your pictures. Beautiful quilts!
    Drop by Katydids Kountry and say hello!

  4. I love all the sweet lil touches in your garden and on your porch!

    Very welcoming!

    Thank you,

    P.S. come and tour my cottage garden!

  5. Hi Karen, I adore your blog, I was browsing and came upon your lovely little spot, what a treat! your home is so cozy and the quilts are amazing too! Hope you dont mind if I add you to mine so I can stop by and visit ;)

    ~ Cynthias Cottage Design ~ aka, Cynthia :)

  6. Your garden and porch are lovely. I wish I could come and sit on your porch and look at all your lovely quilts. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  7. What a lovely garden! Stop by my sunflower garden if you'd like.

  8. Lovely quilts and beautiful garden.

    Karen at Ciderantiques

  9. I came here from the Garden Party. What a warm welcoming home and garden that you have! I love all your pretty quilts and you have so many cute things in your garden! I especially love that pretty vignette with the sign, and that cute green pump.


  10. KAren

    Your porch is lovely and the garden great! Oooh, the pink iced tea looks lucious!

    I am participating in Cielo's garden party, too-hope you can hop by!

  11. I comin' right over for a glass of lemonade, get me a mason jar to drink out of. I'm sure I'd feel right at home.I see you've already decorated for July, how wonderful. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, RoseMarie

  12. This is my sort of garden, and I just love your quilts. Thank you.

  13. Karen~
    I love all your outdoor accents for your porch and garden! Beautiful quilts! And I liked the jar of pink lemonade on the porch!

    Have a great day!

  14. Karen, Thanks for the garden tour. I love all of the crafty things you use to make your garden special. It's beautiful!

  15. Hi Karen, It was a pleasure and so much fun to tour your garden. I love it. Hope you'll have time to visit ours. ~ Lynn

  16. Karen, your yard and garden are enchanting. I love all of the fun things you have added.

    I have to tell you that while I definitely want a glass of pink lemonade, I am desperately in love with your pink butterfly quilt.

  17. Oh, I so enjoyed it! And I shall come back, now that I've met you through Cielo's wonderful garden tour. She's so sweet to have put this together. And I'm so honored to have been part of it! I too LOVE quilts, and have made many! See ya soon!

  18. Thank you for such a lovely visit. I'm sorry the storms ruined some of your flowers - I hope that's all the damage you had.

    Your quilts and your bird feeders are most interesting and charming!

  19. What a wonderful garden, thank you for letting me visit. The quilt is so beautiful. And thank you for the lemonade. So yummy on a hot summer day.

  20. Enjoyed your garden tour. Thanks for inviting us to view all your lovely things!


  21. Hello, your porch and garden is just beautiful! I found your blog while going through the pink saturdays posts. Your quilts are beautiful. I love Darlene Zimmerman books too! Loved that cross stitch pillow. I have lots of cross stitch on my blog! Stop by sometime, I'd love you to visit! You have a beautiful blog. I will check back often.

  22. Hi Karen, I love your come sit on my porch sign and all your lovely pictures of your garden. Also your quilts are so beautiful. Lovely porch too!
    Love, Ann

  23. Amazing place your garden...
    thanks for this yummy pink lemonade!
    Greetings from Poland!

  24. what a cute little garden, love it. Come and see me sometime.

  25. What a lovely lovely garden you have! Thank you for participating in our party and for sharing with the world your little piece of heaven.... What a delightful occasion that was!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so (Joseph Joubert)



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