Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Isn't it exciting to hear the UPS man drive up and ring your door bell?
I had been waiting all day for him.
My high school friend from CA sent me a birthday present.
Yep, high school.
She told me I had something coming and nothing more.

Aren't they beautiful!
8 dessert plates.
So delicate looking.
Thank You-Thank You.
Makes me want to have a tea party.

I came across this picture of my maternal grandparents
while cleaning out a box of old pictures.
Taken 85 years ago.
My grandmother was only 19 and had been married 2 years.
What surprises me is the comment she wrote on the side of the photo.
Written with white pen on the right side
"Somewhat happy"
For some reason it makes me sad.

I'm off to Milwaukee tomorrow morning.
To visit the grandbabies and give my DDIL some adult conversation.
My son is out of town all week for work.
Going to try and lighten the load a little.

I quilted some small customer quilts this week.
After that raffle quilt I needed a break.
I didn't get pictures of them. Darn.
I had to hurry to get them to UPS before they closed.
Alright, truth be told, hubby had to hurry to town.

Nothing much else going on.
It's snowing.
Like that is something new.

I want to leave you with a smile.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raffle Quilt...feeling lucky?

I first want to THANK all the gals who stopped in from Picket's Place.
Dot is such a doll! She tells the funnest stories.
Be sure to catch her tale of chasing garbage cans
down the street in her nightie.
And creative.....what she can do with a cloche.

I have a few photos of our Quilt Guild 2010 Raffle Quilt.
Our sewing group the "Sew Whats"
was chosen to make it this year.
We decided to do a hand embroidery pattern called
Aunt Bea's Parlor

by Judy Reynolds of Black Cat Creations.
We have 20 members in our group
and there were 42 embroidery blocks.
Thus, everyone had "a hand" in making the group quilt.
Three members pieced the top together,
I quilted it and have the binding to do yet.
The raffle is in August 2010.
If you'd like to buy a chance just let me know.
I'd love to mail tickets out to you.
They are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.
Feeling Lucky?

This quilt has the distinction of having spent the most time
of any quilt, ever-ever, on my quilting machine.
First off, I'm slower than before
and I spent 2 weeks waiting for parts.
Every time I walked by my machine
I s
wear the quilt grew!

The fabrics are 1930 reproductions.

Feathers... of course!

Notice all the color changes in each basket block?

Here is my version of the vintage baskets.


I'm using DMC Cotton size #8.
I'm collecting red and white fabrics to make the blocks with.

Have you used these vinyl words?
I picked this up at HL and I'm kinda scared to start.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate them!

Here are some new apron fabrics.
The vintage kitchen with red mixer is back.

So cute with the red & white polka dots.

Mary E.'s "Cup of Kindness"
With black & white polka dots.

Pink Ribbons with pink & white polka dots.
If your not a "sewer" and would like to purchase one
just drop me an email.

And our final Apron Give Away Winner.........

Number 3!!!!!

I hope you sweet ladies are staying warm
and keep those sewing machine humming......

Quilty Hugs,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Kisses

Cookies that just SCREAM
Happy Valentine's Day!

Macaroon Kisses

Made these for our "Sew Day" at the Quilt Shop.
They were a BIG-BIG hit,
if you love coconut.
I can't believe how many ladies don't care for it.

The green depression glass cake stand was
given to me by my Grandma Cottrell.
I get my love for pretty dishes from her.

Give them a try. Sweets for your Sweetheart.
The recipe makes about 4 dozen.

Here's the last apron in my give away.
Just leave a comment to enter.
I've had a few emails asking where I find my cute apron fabrics.

The fabric above, both the print and polka dots, is from Hobby Lobby.
The cupcake fabrics were from JoAnn's.
And the Michael Miller "Fifties Kitchen" was from the quilt shop.
The line came out, I guess, 5 years ago?
Available now on EBay.

And for this week's winner...


On the quilting front....
I'm having machine (longarm) trouble.
Can you believe it?
I had to replace the "mother board"
and a few other electronics.
Of course the warranty ran out last summer.
Just my luck.

I hope the weather is being kinder to you where you're at.
We had a million inches of snow fall the past two days.
As my Grandson says:
"Snow, snow
Go away
Aiden wants to go out to play!"

Have a great Sweethearts Day.
It's the Olive Garden and a girly movie for us.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Soft Pleated Apron Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Readers.

My gift to you.
My first tutorial.

This pleated style body is based on a vintage apron I found when out treasure hunting. The waistband and ties are pieced using the technique from
Jona Giammalva's Apron in an Hour.

Fabric Required
Body 1/2 yard
Waistband Ties & Trim 1/2 yard
Thread to match fabric

Basic sewing supplies
"Quick Turn" fabric tube turners by Dritz


Cutting Your Fabric:
First, remove all
selvage edges from fabric.
For apron body cut 1 piece of fabric 39" wide by 18" long
For waistband, ties & trim cut
4 strips 4 1/2" by width of fabric

Adding the bottom trim piece.
Take one of the 4 1/2" strips and iron in half.
Place this strip on the bottom raw edge of apron
right sides together.

Stitch, using a 1/4" seam. I like to zigzag the seam allowance.
You could also use pinking shears.

Trim strip even to match apron edges.
Iron seam upward.
Top stitch on front of apron.

Side Hems
Turn and press under 1/4" on each side edge.
Fold and press again.

I like to top stitch a second line of stitching.

Adding the pleats.

On the wrong side of the body apron piece
measure in 5" from the side edge.
From this mark measure every 2 inches.
Number your marks 1-2-3-4-5-6

Working on the wrong side of the fabric
bring line 1 to line 2 and pin.
Bring line 3 to 4 and pin.

Bring line 5 to 6 and pin.

Repeat for second side of apron.
Baste the pleats in place, keeping the top edge straight.

The folds of the fabric will be facing
toward the middle of the apron.

On the right side of your apron, the pleats
should be laying towards the outside edge
going away from the middle.

Adding Waistband and Ties
Take one 4 1/2" strip and lay on the top edge of apron.
Cut strip to fit adding 1/2" for seams.

Take one 4 1/2" x 44 strip and sew to one end of waistband.
Take 2nd 4 1/2" strip x 44 strip and sew to the other end of waistband.

Press seams open.
Smaller strip piece should now be in the middle.

Fold the waist tie strips right sides together matching raw edges.
Pin and stitch leaving the center above the main apron piece open.

Turn ties right side out.
Press, making sure the seam edge is flat.

Fold under 1/4' and press unfinished edge of your waistband strip
directly above the main apron body.

Fold the unsewn part of the waistband over so that
the folded edge covers
the stitch line.
Pin in place.

Stitch close to edge.

Top stitch waist band and ties.

Now try it on and take a picture.
I'd love to see what you've done!

If you have any questions please email me.
The link is at the top of the page.

Now let's hear the hummmmm of those
sewing machines.

*P.S. Don't forget to leave a comment on the Vintage Inspiration post
to be entered into the drawing for the pink apron.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Vintage Inspiration & A Winner

Oh Look.......
At this cute old apron I found
while treasure hunting on Saturday.

Notice the soft pleats?
Sew flattering to wear.
And the print!
Red & White with Chickens

The fabric measures 36" across, selvage to selvage.
How long as it been since they made cotton 36" wide?

The selvages were left on and used for the sides of the apron.
They were not turned under.

Notice the ties?
A white piece of fabric was added.
To replace the original fabric?
How did the button holes work?
And the white pocket
on the inside of the apron.
Maybe for her egg money?

I thought this simple apron would be easy to duplicate.
So here is my version.

It uses the same trim and waistband technique as the

Apron in an Hour by Jona Giammalva.

Tied with a bow in front
a knot.
I prefer the knot, so I can slip my
flour sack dish towel over the waistband.

I wrote my first tutorial ever for the apron and will post it this weekend.
There are a million pictures to help make the instructions clear.
I just need a few more days to "fine tune" things.

The apron give away for next week is this pink beauty.
Don't forget to leave a comment to enter your name.

And now the drum roll please.......

YEAH Tonja!

The Cupcake apron is yours!

Stop back this weekend for the instructions to make your own apron!

Stay Warm and keep those sewing machines humming.