Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Isn't it exciting to hear the UPS man drive up and ring your door bell?
I had been waiting all day for him.
My high school friend from CA sent me a birthday present.
Yep, high school.
She told me I had something coming and nothing more.

Aren't they beautiful!
8 dessert plates.
So delicate looking.
Thank You-Thank You.
Makes me want to have a tea party.

I came across this picture of my maternal grandparents
while cleaning out a box of old pictures.
Taken 85 years ago.
My grandmother was only 19 and had been married 2 years.
What surprises me is the comment she wrote on the side of the photo.
Written with white pen on the right side
"Somewhat happy"
For some reason it makes me sad.

I'm off to Milwaukee tomorrow morning.
To visit the grandbabies and give my DDIL some adult conversation.
My son is out of town all week for work.
Going to try and lighten the load a little.

I quilted some small customer quilts this week.
After that raffle quilt I needed a break.
I didn't get pictures of them. Darn.
I had to hurry to get them to UPS before they closed.
Alright, truth be told, hubby had to hurry to town.

Nothing much else going on.
It's snowing.
Like that is something new.

I want to leave you with a smile.


  1. Cute plates. Is your grandmother still living? My dear Nana is nearly 96 yrs old. We have 5 living generations of women in our family.
    Happy times with your grandkids!

  2. Love the picture!!! I'm always amazed when I see our grandparents as youngsters. They look so young, just children really. Thanks for sharing your precious family photo. Hope you have a great time with your DDIL and your grands!

  3. Hey girl...how sweet of your high school friend to send you those pretty plates....I love seeing old photographs of family but it does make you wonder what they were feeling and going thru back at that time. Take care sweetie and keep that sewing machine warm!!!! ~Picket~


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