Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Remember my love of "rescuing" old quilt tops?

Well, this scrappy yellow stars top was a YARD SALE find.
Picture it stuffed in a bag a top a table.
Wasn't very big (30 x 45) but all hand pieced
 and scrappy-scrappy-scrappy. 
I added the homespun plaid border, navy flannel backing
and yellow binding.
Isn't it darling??
To think someone thought it was garbage....

Found this free pattern on Pinterest

I haven't crocheted in years.
Except towel edgings of course.
This scarf was so fun, easy and
quick (2 hours, once I got the hang of it).
I made 3 4 5 ok 6!
I used a size "P" hook instead of the H because I
tend to crochet tight.
Here are my little gals modeling for me.

Unfortunately, Mom didn't make it in the pictures.

Speaking of towel edges.
I stitched Sun Bonnet Sue up over the holidays for a quick gift.
Green on a striped linen towel.

Here she is in redwork.

Sooo cute with the black puppy.
Days of the week towel patterns purchased here. many projects so little time.


  1. That quilt turned out great! It's so sweet! Can't believe someone thought it was nothing! And your scarves are great! Also, the look on your little girl in the last pic....what did you say?!? Ha! Sweet towels, too.....wish I had more time for stitching, cuz I just love that kind of stuff!

  2. Awesome find!! I found a beautiful hand crocheted 80X70 table cloth once like that. It was gorgeous -- and $5. Man! Love you scarves, too -- thanks for sharing the link!! :)


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