Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Take A Walk

So many beautiful colors this time of year.

Photos taken on the Rock River "Paw Park" trail. 
A taste of Fall.
Pumpkin Bread, a family favorite.
 My favorite Fall quilt.

Hope your enjoying the change of seasons!


  1. Sure Karen, just rub it in! I'll post pics when the tumbleweeds here turn a lovely shade of dirt brown. : )

  2. Thank you for the walk.....beautiful!! We have colourful vista's happening here in New Zealand too, only we have the opposite season to you....spring!

  3. Thank you so much for the pic of the fall color
    I miss it so much, as I live in Fla.
    and there is NO change in color and not so much in seasons, I miss my northern seasons

  4. Karen, what lovely photos! And the pumpkin bread sounds pretty darn good! Fall is my *favorite*! :)


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