Thursday, September 6, 2012


That's me!
 I finished my 1,273 th yo yo this week.
Finally, enough to put a quilt together!
There are 25 blocks of 49 yoyos (7 x 7)
I found several ideas on Pinterest on how to attach them to a base.
One gal used her longarm machine...

I tried the technique first by making a couple pillows.
Unfortunately, my hopping foot couldn't get over the
 gathered middle without catching.
Sew, looks like I will have to applique them by hand.
I was looking for a winter project....
This is the first time I finished pillow edges with binding.
I LOVE the look!
Looks like piping or cording, don't ya think?
But so much easier to do. 
I stitched a 2 1/2" fabric strip (ironed in half), mitering corners,
and ending just like a quilt.
The envelope back is edged with the same polka dot fabric.
Maybe I will bind my yoyo quilt in that *oh so 1930's*
green polka dot.
Hubby's surgery is scheduled AGAIN for this Monday, the 10th.
Hopefully, all will go well, and he will be on the road
 to recovery this time next week.
All the tests came out fine, no heart problems.
Doctors not sure what happened, but better to be safe than sorry.
Tomorrow Aiden turns six!
Hard to believe this little guy
started kindergarten this week.
Time sure flies.
 Afraid to blink....he will be in a cap & gown next.
Hope this finds you healthy and happy!


  1. Love the new look! Are you going to sell these wonderful pillows? :) Sandy


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