Thursday, July 26, 2012

Log Cabin Fever

 Quilt, that is.
Each log cabin block measures 4 inches.
Each "log"  1/2 inch finished.
Isn't that incredible?
My customer is going to scallop the edges.
Love the red centers and flange,
really makes the quilt pop.
I think the quilted feathers add curves to the straight lines and texture. 
Oh, I just finished the best book!
This book is so well written you will believe it is true.
I have never read anything quite like it.
It mixes history, with romance, hardship, courage, and humor.
Parts of the book where definitely difficult to read.
Some graphic hardship and violence.
What sad things humans can do to each other.
Moving right along.
I want to share this size chart I found on
So handy.
I printed one and pinned it
to my design wall.

Well, I hope it's not to hot in your neck of the woods.
We're 95* with 150% humidity.  
It's a Popsicle kind of day!

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  1. What sweet little logs, LOVELY quilting!
    The books sounds interesting?
    It's not hot here in New Zealand, we have winter!


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