Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Organizing Fabric- What a job!

Fair warning, this project is not
 for the faint of heart.
ORGANIZING your fabric.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and
thought I would start one shelf at a time.
Well, that didn't work.....
It's like eating just one potato chip!

I used over 300 comic book boards.

Love the finished look.
My own little quilt shop.

I organized my "odds & ends",
backings, and fat quarters using
plastic storage containers.

 I'm giving 4 bags of 
"What the heck was I thinking"
fabrics to charity.

How I store my WIP
(works in progress)
 The vinyl bags are sold for fat quarter storage.
JoAnn's had them on clearance
and I bought several.
(Like all they had). LOL
It makes taking projects to retreats, 
and Sew Days so convenient.
Keeps everything you need
for the project together. 

My reward for all this hard work is
 a weekend with the girls.
Going to Kalona Iowa
for a Quilt History meeting.
I've gone the last 3 years
 and love this group.
There are 19 quilt shops on the way.
How many do you think we'll hit?
I still have a little space left on my shelves.

 Here is my fabric case closed.
I purchased these at Farm & Fleet. 
Made by Sauder (do it yourself) cheap.

Hope your having a great week.


  1. I'm jealous--it looks so tidy and I love how it looks! :O)

  2. It looks wonderful. It's nice to see what you actually HAVE too.

  3. Wow...I am impressed!!!! Looks fantastic!!!!!
    xo Kris

  4. After reading that I am now itching to buy a huge shelf, tons of cards and do that to mine, even though I have my fabrics stored in big plastic containers and all folded up and sorted by colour already lol... Damn, you! ;)

  5. Wow--it looks beautiful! I started using those magazine boards also. I couldn't believe I went through 100---I am a relatively new quilter--so I didn't think I had much stash! LOL After a four day trip to Lancaster, PA and one or two shops each day--I am going to need several more. Right now I don't have room to store it all wrapped that way.... Anyway--yours looks great! Enjoy your trip and those 19 shops--how fun!

  6. That looks fabulous! I wish we had such great supply shops here in Australia! I bought something called corflute from a hardware store (it's pretty much the stuff real estate agents use for "for sale" signs) and cut it up to keep my fabric on. Would be much easier to purchase a pack of comic book boards!

  7. It looks so cool!! It does look like a quilt shop - happy shopping.

  8. Love your barrister book cases! I had no idea Sauder was making them. I do miss Farm & Fleet!


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