Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Baaack........

And ready to rumble!
Let the Christmas decorating begin.

My front porch WELCOME.
This is the treasure I found at
Apple Butter House on our girls day out.
He's just perfect with the twinkle lights.

I bought this large basket last year from Caroline.
I arranged the evergreens and added the red polka dot ribbon.
I had it on my front door but since
we added a storm door it doesn't fit in between.

Do you have that problem to?
Pardon the large black nail.
It's just temporary.
Did you notice that "white stuff" falling?

This round wreath is on my back door into the garage.
There's those red polka dots again.
You know what they say
"Back door guests are always best"

My fireplace mantel.
I'm still not finished fessing with it.
Those never used white linen embroidered
came in handy.
Thanks Kel.

Christmas wouldn't be complete without
my Moms' pink angel and Santa.
She loved Christmas (and the color pink).
The pink angel use to adore her tree top
and the snow globe plays Amazing Grace
her favorite hymn.

Pink Santa has kept watch for many years.

Our visit to St Louis was fantastic!
Family gatherings full of laughter & hugs.
I was so disappointed that BOTH quilt shops
in the area were closed when I was able to sneak out.

I've been busy the past couple days with laundry
(the worst part of travel) and
going thru my Christmas decorations.
But I have been working on a few projects I will share soon.
Still going to physical therapy 2 times a week.
My arm is improving but having a difficult time
with shoulder movement.
Which makes it almost impossible to quilt without pain.

Does anyone know where I could find directions
for crocheting over rick rack?
I've searched the web and can't find anything.
My grandma made the prettiest trims for towels
using this technique.
Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate it at the time,
and declined her offer to teach me to do it.
I thought it was "old lady" work.
Oh Grandma, I'm so sorry now......

Before I run off I want to share with you the
cutest, I mean cutest, Christmas video for children.
If your a Grandma (or mama) check it out.
Simple to do. You just fill in the blanks and
Santa talks to your child.
Here's the link to the card I made for my grandson
so you can see what I'm talking about.
Message from Santa to Aiden

Hugs and stay warm.


  1. Karen,

    I just love the polka dots on the wreath, very cute. Great job!

  2. It's all so pretty and festive!!

  3. Love the Christmas decorations.. very pretty. I LOVE decorating with a lot of "greens' for the holidays... and filling a basket like that is just lovely.


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