Sunday, May 31, 2009

I finished my pantry door!
But let me caution you.
If you erase the liquid ink chalk (with water) to much
some of the chalkboard paint comes off with it.
I applied 5 coats of chalkboard paint on my door but will need to give it
a few more coats after I remove this poem.
It has white chalky streaks now
if you look real close.

I found the poem in one of my cookbooks, no author, dated 1977.

My Irises are blooming!

On Saturday Papa took Aiden to the Air Show.
Just the 2 of them.
Did they have a good time!
Aiden's favorite thing was taking the
bus from the parking lot to the air field.
He had never been on a SCHOOL BUS before.

Not much happening this weekend.

It's so nice today, just might go down and watch hubby fish for awhile.

Ohhhh....fresh warm air.

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