Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Quick Hello

Just wanted to say "HI!" and let you know I'm still kicking.
It's a slow process.
I'm not healing as quickly as the Dr would like,
so it looks like another few weeks with this wound vac.
What a drag carrying a 5 lb "purse" everywhere I go.
Not to mention injecting myself every 8 hours with antibiotics.

Oh, enough whining!

Today was the first time I've gone downstairs to my sewing room
and actually felt like doing something.
I worked on borders for a
red, white and blue log cabin top I started a few months ago.
I'm determined to use all the strips I have left from the
blocks. A scrappy piano key border.
Not very original.
Who knows......maybe I'll have a picture to share!

I miss quilting on my longarm machine.
And the hum of my Janome.
And my quilting buddies.
Won't stay away so long next time.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Stay safe.


  1. Oh, feel better, my dear! I think it's amazing that you felt like sewing at all! Good for you!

  2. I miss you and love you!!!!!!!!
    Sewing.....Hailey is here and I am going to make her a top......and honor of you sewing again.
    Shirley Sue

  3. I missed you too! Glad you felt at least a little like sewing. I was so happy to see your post this morning. Hope you continue to feel better day by day.
    Here's to happy sewing!

  4. Hey, Karen! Glad to see your new post. The Quilting Queens are thinking about you!


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