Monday, November 16, 2009

Recipes & Bargains

Remember when I posted the link to the Quilter's Daily Deal?
Have you checked it out yet?
Well, here is the best deal of all.......FREE!
Yep, just the $5.00 postage.
Friday's Deal.
There are 80 triangles in this pack.
Cute 1930-40 reproduction looking prints.
I couldn't believe FREE!
I purchased 3 Mary Engelbriet's "The Caroler"
charm packs for $3.99 each. Such deals!

I was in a cooking mood this weekend!
And when I'm "in the mood" I have to take advantage.
The house smelled wonderful all weekend.
Friends came for dinner and almost had to take a nap before they left.
All of these recipes came from the
You have to check it out......those ladies can cook!
The Pecan Pie Bars taste just like Pecan Pie.
Only easier to make.
It's a Paula Deen recipe so you know it's gotta be good.

Don't ya just LOVE the recipe cards?
They're by scrapbook designers Orchard & Broome
from the Jessica Sprague website.
If your wanting to learn digi-scrapbooking
Jessica is one of the best.
She has tons of FREE (there's that word again)
tutorials with step by step instructions.

There are 4 cute-cute designs in the
Bleecker St. collection.
This style may be a little light for the blog.

If your looking for bargains check out your local
Hobby Lobby.
All of the Fall merchandise is 80% off.
And it's not even Thanksgiving yet!
Most of the Christmas treasures were 50% off.
I picked up some beautiful gift wrap & matching tags.

I bought these 2 plates for $2.00 each.
Will look great filled with cookies for hostess gifts.

Hubby and I are going to St. Louis for Thanksgiving.
To visit family and friends.
I have so much to be thankful for this year.
Mainly, that it's almost over! Ha-ha.
We're going to stop at 2 Quilt Shops on the way down.
Both are in the latest edition of the "Quilt Sampler" magazine.
My camera will be smokin.

This darling fabric is from JoAnn's.
Aren't the cupcakes just the cutest?
I made 2 "Tie One On Day" aprons out of it.
One with pink, the other brown, polka dot waist band & ties.
I also added a small pocket with white rick rack trim.

This print is my new favorite.
So bright and cheery.
Have you made your apron yet?

I can't wait till Thursday.
Girlfriends day out.
We're going to the Holiday Sale at the
"Apple Butter House" a large barn filled with treasures.

I can always seem to find something
I can't live without there.

Sorry I'm so long winded.
Didn't realize I had so much to share.



  1. Love your Hobby Lobby finds, what a deal on fabric and love the cupcake fabric. Let me know how you liked my garlic bread recipe. It's the only one I use. I keep it in the fridge always. Have a safe Thanksgiving trip. Oh, how I wish I was going to the Apple Butter Barn! Sounds like my kind of place.

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I wound up getting the same apron pattern as yours on Ebay, but I haven't used it yet. I wish I was going to the Apple Butter Barn with you too!


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