Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little of This & That

Let me introduce you to a fellow "Sew Whats" sister.
Her name is Pam and she is truly a Fiber Artist.
Pam thinks "outside of the box" as they say.
Each meeting she brings her latest pin cushion creation.
My personal favorite was the chicken
(which, when raffled off, I didn't win).

Pam hunts everywhere for treasures to use in her art.
This vase, found at the local GW store, turned into a lovely
bowl of felted fruit.

The Multi-Miracle "TOOL" is a handmade (one of a kind)
usable Work of Art by Pam.
The pointed end aids in guiding fabric
thru the sewing machine
like a stiletto!
It also works as a corner turning tool and aids in turning curves.
The flat end is a wood iron.
Great for putting seams in there place!
Thank you Pam for the perfect gift!!!
I'll think of you each time I use it.

And this is another favorite-can't live-without tool.
Perfect for turning fabric tubes.
Example, apron ties.
In the old days, I used a large safety pin just like my grandma taught me.
And it took forever.
Using this Dritz "Quick Turn" makes it so fast and easy.

Below is a new recipe I tried.
I happen to catch an episode of Sanda Lee's Semi Homemade.
I thought her basic concept was good
but I tweaked the recipe to my liking.

Mike & I both thought it was delicious!
Perfect for a freezing, snow falling night.
The aroma from the crock pot all day was heavenly!

Stay warm and happy sewing!

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