Friday, April 23, 2010

Chicken Scratch....without chickens

I love gingham almost as much as I love polka dots!

Have you seen the latest issue of Apron-ology?
There is a fabulous article on gingham embroidery.
Gingham embroidery is a form of cross stitch
that is stitched on gingham fabric using the edges
of the squares instead of counting threads.
It's usually done with white thread
so the end results looks like lace.
Better known as chicken scratch
depression lace, or snow flake embroidery.

I'm not sure I like the black gingham but the pattern is cute.
The directions are in the magazine.

Here are 3 chicken scratch aprons from my collection.
Aren't they the definition of COUNTRY!

This pink beauty was made by my Grandma Cottrell.
Probably in the 1950's.
This is how my love of sewing and needlework started.
Aprons and gingham.
And Grandma.
She had the patience of a saint.
The pink floss on pink gingham is called
reverse chicken scratch.

look at this red gingham with black and white floss!
The black really draws your eye,
don't you think?

Notice the excellent workmanship.
And the pocket and waistband detail.

This blue cutie has cut out squares.
Something I had never seen before.
Have you?
Both the red and blue aprons were given to me
by a dear friend, Maretta.
She said she thought of me as soon as she saw them!

Notice the waistbands are the same?
Wonder if both were made by the same lady?

And here is a beautiful cherry tablecloth!
In excellent condition.
No holes, tears, or rips.
50 x 64

With 4 matching napkins.

Colors Bright

For Sale.
$50.00 includes shipping.
Payment thru Paypal.

My latest pillowcase creations.
I've found a book with more edging patterns.
They're addicting.
And quick to do while watching TV.



  1. ohhhhh Karen - I misunderstood what you meant by chicken scratch - (I thought you meant chicken patterned material) -- Just beautiful --- love,love,love your post and web site.
    Love Shirley Bewregard-lol

  2. Hi Karen! That pink apron reminded me of one of my mama's aprons that she must have had when I was small. I had forgotten all about it and that photo sure brings back memories. Thanks for that. Those are beautiful aprons. Women used to spend some time embellishing the things they used daily. I wish I had some of those from my mom.
    Have a good week! Debbie

  3. Oh, how pretty! ALL of it! :)

  4. We got that magazine and it is great! My girls are making aprons with ideas from it. We haven't done the gingham yet. There's so much.


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