Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Early Celebration

We celebrated Christmas last weekend with the grandkids.
What a blessing to have a houseful of laughter!
(Even if the Packers lost)

When I look at my grown sons and their beautiful families
 I realize how fast the years go by.  

My granddaughter LOVED her quilt and flannel pillow cases.
Now if she would just catch the "quilt bug".....

I know what your thinking.....
Oh yeah, one like no other......

Bet you can't eat just one handful!

Found this recipe from a "linky party" over at A Blessed Life.
It's going to be a new holiday staple!

Have a safe and loving Christmas.


  1. That's what's missing at our! They certainly all have beaming smiles and joy in their eyes! What a nice family celebration you had! And thanks for the chex mix recipe....I think that will be a must for us....anything with cranberries makes us very happy!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. What fun, happy photos! You'll treasure the memories of this Christmas for the whole next year, won't you?!? Happy New Year!! :)


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