Monday, April 2, 2012

Caught the bug yet?

There's a bug going out you could be next.
It just missed me.

 Anne, from Bunny Hill Designs started the darn thing.
The Scrappy Plate Club.
I'm a little late for the party but enjoying all the eye candy.
Beautiful color combos and some wool mixed in.

How did I miss catching the bug?
It reminded me that I had started working on a Dresden Plate awhile back.
Let's see if I can find it.
The plates are vintage.
Purchased long ago from who knows where.
I found the perfect yellow to match the already finished centers.
Appliqued them down.
Sashing is reproduction prints.
Don't they blend well?
Add borders and quilt. I'm finished.
What am I waiting for!

I've been bitten by this bug before in 2007....

Hmmm, I like the blue background.
Of course, feathers in the border!

Found another "to die for" recipe on...
wait for it...
(Photo from Pinterest)
Very easy to make using basic "in your cupboard" ingredients.
The only change I suggest is for the glaze.
Two cups powdered sugar  made it very-very sweet.
One cup would do. 
Your house will smell heavenly.
And your friends will love you.

Busy this week getting ready for company from St Louis.
Gathering my Easter bunny treats for the grand kids.
Quilting a fun-bright twister quilt.
Wait till you see.
Hoping your week is full of sunny days.
Happy Easter!

 (Found on Pinterest)


  1. Oh mercy me! Lovely quilts, and yummy goodies! What a feast for the eyes, and tummy!
    Happy day!

  2. Dresden's are my all time fav!!!!! They suit all colour ways. I missed the club but have been watching. I am making my quilt, but it will not be a quick project as I am English paper piecing.
    I look forward to seeing your yellow piece of sunshine quilted.

  3. It's so you Karen! Can't wait to get back to my Dresdens! And I'm going to try your cake this weekend. : )

  4. Love your Dresden plate, as always beautiful job. After I finish up my NY Beauty, a Dresden is next. I have been retired almost a year now and thought I would be getting so much more quilting in, but not the case.

    Happy Mother's Day
    Diane B (now in Oregon)


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