Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I get by with a little help from my friends

I get by with a little help from my friends, okay truth be told….with A LOT  of help from my friends.

This is my first finished quilt on the long arm since my stroke. Yeah!!! Not perfect by any means, but FINISHED!! There was not a flat seam in the quilt. Talk about wavy, especially  those curved edges this quilt top needed to be rescued. Don’t you love the cheddar orange centers?

I’m doing better. Getting downstairs to my sewing room  more these days.  Friends coming over and helping to organize my stash and UFO‘s (unfinished projects). I’m afraid to admit the number, let’s just say, Love to start cutting new fabrics… my problem is finishing…LOL


  1. What a spectacular quilt and the quilting looks perfect to me. I am happy that you are feeling better and we always thank God for our wonderful friends. Keep on improving . Blessings Sandra

  2. What a beauty!!! What a sweet post.

  3. Your quilt looks amazeing. Glad you are able to get into your sewing room again and have some quilts fun.

  4. That is just beautiful Karen!!!!! and btw you look wonderful.... xoxo Love you- Shirley

  5. Friends are just the best aren't they!!! Your quilt and quilting looks amazing, congratulations on the finish!! Well done! I think the hardest part of quilting and creating is trying to not start new projects when you have a huge WIP (work in progress) stack!! You must feel wonderful being back in your quilting room! Well done!!


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