Saturday, January 25, 2014

My "Journey" Quilt

I’m calling this my “journey”quilt. Believe me, it was  a uphill walk . But I’made it to the finish line!
 Finished is better than Perfect, isn’t that what they say?
Let me start by saying that I could not have fmade this if it weren”t for my quilting group. They have proven  their name he Friendship Stars. Each one is a star in my Friendship bouquet.
This a wedding gift that I started before my strokeI found this pattern in the January-Feb issue of QUILTY.It is calledRAGOON designed by    Gudrun Eria
I rather like the name Pixie Sticks myself. I wanted a modern/attern. And the bride loves grey & yellow!

. I  completed the 15 blocks before my stroke.  But getting them together and the borders on was a struggle for me. e before my stroke, I could read instructions and “envision “it in my head but now, it all looks greek to me. Does that make sense?

And I quilted it myself. That took 4 months of short spurts on the longarm. I haven’t the energy like before.
Or could it be, I’m getting older? Yep, 65 next month. 65!
And to be honest, I’m still hand stitching he binding. It’s keeping me warm in this deep freeze
Mike and I have decided this will be our LAST winter in WI. We are heading home/West as soon as a transfer comes up. I’m praying for Las Vegas. My Dad is there and you don’t have to shovel heat/sunshine!

Here is what I'm finishing next
 Remember Birdie Stitches? A free BOM from Little Miss Shabby? Sew darn cute! I have all 12 blocks stitched, now just to get it together. Click on the link tthe patterns y are still available. My favorite, the word block for June. And see the perfect birdhouse fabric for borders and backing?


  1. Great going, the quilt looks lovely! Happy birthday for next month!!
    The birdy stitcheries are very cute.

  2. P.S.....if I may say so, you don't look 65.....or nearly 65!

  3. Love your quilt! And am happy that you are recovering!

  4. I love it! I will hope for Vegas for you!!
    xo Kris

  5. The quilt is beautiful Karen, and I am sure made with love which is the most important thing! Good luck with your move to warmer weather, Las Vegas gets really hot in the summer doesn't it? I love the little to see if I can find them...look after yourself!

  6. Congrats on a beautiful finish, Karen. Your uphill walk was worth all the effort. Glad to hear you are determined to keep going! Love all the work shown in your Birdie Stitches blocks. Those are going to make a fabulous quilt!

  7. Your Journey quilt is beautiful. It lookes perfect to me. I hate to say it but I haven't completed my Birdie quilt either. It is a flimsy and needs quilting.

    After this winter, I am sure Las Vegas sounds really warm.

  8. We'd love to have you back in Las Vegas again Karen! Pam, Linda and I have started getting together for sew dates and you could join us. : ) Love the dark background on your quilt, too.

  9. Hi, Karen! I am so glad to hear that you might be returning to Las Vegas. I see that Stacy left a comment telling you that she, Linda Ruskauff and I are sewing together again. We would love, love to have you join us! Keep us posted on your plans. By the way, love your quilt too.

  10. What a fantastic effort to get this finished. To carry in your determined way on after a stroke takes so much strength and effort, and I applaud you. It looks great.


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