Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hip Hop it's Spring!

Easter is on it's way.
Which means Spring can't be far behind!

Here's an easy no bake Easter treat.
Bird Nest Cookies.

The recipe makes approximately 24 cookies.
All depends on how large you make your nest.

Mine seem to get bigger as I go.
Bunny plate from Home Goods.
My Uncle Johnny and I in 1957 on our way to church.
He is only 4 years older than I am.

More like an older brother than Uncle really.

Check out my cute hairdo.

I'm sure the perm was especially for Easter.
To go with the short bangs.

Man, I needed a hat that year!

Here are two new pillowcases I made for the kids.
Charlie Brown, no trim.
Pink & green bunnies, with trim, of course, so girly-girl.

I love crocheting at night while watching TV.

It's all coming back to me now.

Here's the latest quilt I'm working on.
It's for a summer wedding.
The colors look washed out in the photo.
The fabric is Moda's "Gypsy Rose".

I purchased the layer cake for $13.33!
Even with the $5.00 shipping it was a deal.

It was a Quilters Daily Deal a few weeks back.

This is the pattern I used.
Quick as a wink.
I just noticed Camille has her blocks turned every which way
and I
have mine alternating.
I need to "play" on the design wall a little longer.
Check out Camille's blog Simplify.
I love her red & white polka dot chair!!!

What's for supper?
Pasta salad. A summer favorite.
Ohhhh...can't you just smell the chicken on the grill......

Happy Easter Honey Bunnies
stay safe!


  1. Hi there. Think I will try the little nests. My grands kiddos would love those. And.....I so want to make those pillow cases with the trim. I can make pillow that is no problem, and I crochet a wee bit...but I am not sure I understand the whole thing.....

  2. How I enjoyed your post. Beautiful crafts AND delicious food. Who could ask for anything more!
    Happy Easter, Debbie

  3. Pam E. - Las VegasApril 1, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Hi, Karen! I've made that quilt pattern. The blocks look like presents to me so I thought Christmas fabrics would be a good fabric choice. I like the way mine turned out. Thanks for sharing another recipe. Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  4. That recipe looks great and I love the quilt! Have a great Easter!


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