Friday, May 28, 2010

Front Porch Living

What's more summer than Popsicles?

Check out this tin jug!

Perfect for lemonade or ice tea on those humid summer days.

A great find at WalMart.

I've been spending the early morning hours outside.

Enjoying the sounds of Spring and my flowers.

Two beautiful hanging baskets of pink petunias

on each side of the porch.

Rockers out, just waiting for company.

The garage sale braided runner is perfect on the porch.

Railing planters filled with geraniums, snowballs and superbells.

A pot of purple petunias on the step.

Pink on the other side.

But this I'm afraid is going to be my problem child.
Tipsy pots.

Look at the mess after watering!!!
Luckily it's on the back deck.

I should have a few quilts to show you soon.
When the afternoons heat up my studio, in the lower level,
is the best place to be.

Hope this finds you HEALTHY and HAPPY!


  1. Oh how very cute ! Thank you for showing us your porch. I love it.

    And I really love that drink pitcher !! I don't know how I missed that at Walmart...Now I have got to go back again, lol....

    Thanks again..It is just lovely.


  2. I love the tipsy pots Karen. Your home looks so inviting! Wish I could visit!



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