Friday, June 4, 2010

Island Love

I have been looking for a small table to use
as a kitchen island since we moved in.
Nothing I found was the right size or was in bad condition.

I found this baby.

I can't believe I didn't take a "before" picture.

What kind of blogger am I!

My hubby and I were walking around the Elkhorn Flea Market
on Sunday when I spotted this little beauty.
Actually, it wasn't a beauty then.
Dirty, wobbly legs, chipped paint,
and a drawer that wouldn't open.
But the enamel top is in perfect condition.
Just a few minor chips on the edges,
adding character.
The best part is the size 26" x 36"
and the price $40.00
Total cost with wood, paint and a new drawer pull $55.00.
A Bargain!

My talented neighbor Bill, husband of junk'n pal Kelli,
added the platform
for me. Raising it to counter height.
The platform idea came from Cynthia over at
Cynthia's Cottage Design.

Ohhh and look at this tablecloth I bought
at a garage sale for only $1.50.

It's over 2 yards of fabric (60 x 80)!
I cut it up and made a table cloth and 2 porch pillows.
Plus I have enough left for a couple table runners!

I just love hunting for treasures in this warm weather.
Going to try my luck again this weekend.
Wonder what I'll find?

Hope this finds you Happy & Healthy.


  1. Karen, you sure hit the jackpot that time! Love the work table! AND your creations from that wonderful piece of material. I love red, white and blue:)

  2. How awesome--I love the table, too! What a good idea to put the platform underneath. And your fabric is very summery! Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I have such a passion about the old enamel topped tables and Hoosier cabinets, and I am thrilled to see you have recreated yours into an island. What a great idea. And what a bargain. The pillows and tablecloth are a great idea too. I love using the old tablecloths and cutting them into large dishtowels and hemming all edges. They work wonderfully. In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie


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