Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farmer's Market Heaven

Is this not the cutest dang book you've ever seen?

Written in 1965.
Calling home the Grand Forks Library.

It still has the due date envelope on the back inside cover.
Remember those?
After I read the first page I thought maybe they were talking about me!
A steal at $1.50.
Can't wait to read it to my grandbabies.

Check out this Farmer's Market
Year 1954.
Notice the ladies in their house dresses.
Not a pair of jeans to be found.

We went to our local market Saturday morning.
The weather was beautiful.

The people friendly, the coffee hot.
Fresh veggies on the grill for dinner.

I just HAD to buy some "just picked this morning" strawberries.

The neighbor gave me fresh rhubarb and this is what I came up with.

This is soooo good with vanilla ice cream.
Click on the recipe to enlarge for better reading.

Going to Green Bay this weekend for a graduation party.

All the grandbabies will be there.

I love when they (all 5) yell "Grandma-Grandma look at me"

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