Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

First off, let me start by saying,
thank you
for all the wonderful comments and the personal emails.
I really appreciate your interest in my blog.
I hope I won't disappoint you.

Here is the information on my Redwork Basket quilt
so many of you asked about.
Aunt Bea's Parlor
Designed by Judy Reynolds
for Black Cat Creations.
Because we needed the quilt larger,
there are 42 embroidered blocks,
more than double of what the pattern called for.
Also, an 8" white border was added.
The fancy feather quilting and scrappy binding
adds to the vintage charm.

A close up of the block detail.


Here are 2 customer Christmas quilts.

The snowman quilt is called

"Walking in a Winter Wonderland".

Notice the large outside border?
A beautiful holly print.

The embroidery block detail.
Fun free hand snowflakes.
In place of the usual Christmas theme motifs
my customer wanted feathers!
Especially in that wide border.
It's easier to see the quilting on the solid back.

I love when the back is as beautiful as the front.
I was thrilled to hear that this quilt was accepted into the

Quilt Expo in Madison this September.

Yeah Deb!!!!!

Here is Kathleen's "Seven Stars" quilt.
Her fabric choices make the simple star pattern so elegant looking.

I used gold metallic and a matching cranberry thread .

Her perfect piecing combined with the quilting won

Kathleen a BLUE RIBBON!

And 2nd place Viewer's Choice Award.

And now a little family news.

Our oldest grandson (13) is

"the greatest" ball player (just ask Grandma).

Whether it be basketball or baseball he loves the game.

And, as most 13 year olds, aspires to be a pro.

For the past 3 weeks his team played "tournament" ball.

Winning several games here in WI and then winning again in MI.

After MI on to Indiana for 4 days.

They won until the last day.

Unfortunately, the last game of the tournament they lost 5-3.

Here's my granddaughter and her Mom watching the game.

The team was so looking forward to traveling to

North Carolina to play in the play off games.

We're so proud of the team and their coaches!!

Oh, did I mention my son is one the coaches????

Look at those cute "grand baby" faces.

Not a bad picture considering it was taken on a camera phone.

My youngest son, his baby boy and PaPa (hubby) drove to IN to cheer the team on.

It was tooooo hot for this Grandma!

Well, I'm off next week to the Milwaukee Long Arm Quilt Show.

I'm taking classes for 2 days

in hopes that some of the talent rubs off on me!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Thank you for sharing the pattern information.

    Quilting is beautiful on all the quilts. applause!

  2. Just stunning quilting! The basket quilt is so lovely...thankyou for sharing.

  3. The basket quilt is out of site!!! Thank you for sharing. Looks as thought you are having fun also with your grandchildren. Carolyn

  4. The work is stunning! What thread to you use for your redwork?

    Ann P.

  5. Ann,

    I love to use perle cotton #8 for my redwork.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Hey Karen! I got the package in the mail and I blogged about it, too! Thank you for the little extra! :)

  7. I love the crochet edging on the pillowcase. Would you share your instructions for doing the edging?


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