Monday, January 3, 2011

January Funk

This is exactly how I feel today
after the holidays.

My 2 year old granddaughter just couldn't
stay awake another minute!

Do you get the "January Funk"?
How do you manage?

February isn't much better.
My birthday month.....

Here is one of the highlights of my week.
My 10 year old granddaughter
learning new embroidery stitches.

Gosh, I hope she catches the"bug"!

Off to take down the Christmas decorations.
Geezz, it's so much more fun putting them UP!

Stay warm.


  1. Oh, how sweet to see your granddaughter asleep with head on table. And I so hope your older grand catches the bug. I am still hoping for my two girls to catch it. They are 29 and 27!!

  2. I have just taken my Chrismasy stuff, tree etc down and I agree with you it is more fun to put it all up!! Still it won't be long and we will be putting it all up again! Time flys.

  3. Hey Karen, it's me again! I commented earlier today, and just now....a package arrived!!! Oh my gosh, I had forgotten all about even winning your fabulous give away!! I was thrilled!!!!!!! The pin keep is adorable! I shall love it sitting on my cutting table with the others. I love the size of this one!! So big!! LOVE it! And how wonderful to see the additional goodies as well. If you visit my blog you know I love to cook! I have a wide variety of cookbooks and I love these new one to add to my collection. The kind that were written by town's folk, to me are the best! And you didn't stop there did you! The note cards are darling, and the recipe cards, well, I'm a cook! They will be well used! Many hugs across the miles for your gift! I shall cherish it!!!! Thank you!

  4. I was just contemplating on how bad my January blues are. I am hoping to stay busy in the sewing room, have more music on while I sew, eat more fresh things and try not to think about how long winter is here in Michigan. I've always said that I could do winter if the sun would just shine more often. It's the dark, grey days that just about put me over the edge. Maybe we can keep each other from letting ourselves get down this year!

  5. Good Morning sweetie...yes I sew agree with your wee tot....if there is room I just may join her...Love to visit awhile with you..too bad you are sew far away

  6. I know what you mean about 'the funk'. And if you are like me you beat yourself up over it too! I think it's just those winter blues. The best way I have found to get out of it is to go to Borders...sit down with a nice steamy hot cup of mocha, a pile of magazines and all kinds of books. A few days ago we did this and I read through Sarah Ban Breathnach's new book Peace and Plenty. It helped me get inspired more than anything!
    Good luck my dear!!


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