Monday, January 10, 2011

Life Got in the Way

I didn't get any sewing or quilting done this week.
Life just got in the way.
I wish I could say I finished up a few projects.....

Sew I wanted to show you a few of my favorite vintage quilts.
And my latest x-ray.
What a combo, huh?

This utility quilt top was found at an estate sale years ago.
The piecer used a large variety of scraps and plain muslin.
Just a simple 9 patch.
I quilted it using muslin for the backing and
it washed up beautifully.
It's on my guest bed and everyone comments
on how soft & cuddly it is.
Simple is good.

This beauty is from Bloomfield IA, hand stitched in the 1930's.
Soooo many 1" squares.

And look at the cheddar gold/orange and green.

This Trip Around the World is quilted
in my favorite overall pattern.

The Baptist fans.
Wonder why they're Baptist and not Methodist?

And I want to show you my latest x-ray.
I've been going to rehab now for 2 1/2 months and
I'm still not able to lift my arm very high.
It hurts like heck!

So back to the Orthopedic Dr I went.
And after one look it was obvious.
The metal plate is hitting my shoulder bone
when I raise my arm.
Looks like I'm going to have the plate & screws removed.
I swore that the next time I was "put under" it was going to
include a face lift or tummy tuck! LOL

We are expecting 4-6 inches of snow tonight.
Looks like I will be stitching by the fire to stay warm.

Hope all is well in your world.
Stay safe.
And warm.


  1. Oh how I love vintage quilts...I daydream of the stories they could tell.

    I'm sorry you're going to have to have more surgery. I'll pray peace and grace for you as you heal quickly!!!

  2. Oh, and they are "Baptist fans" due to all the "fire and brimstone" preaching Baptist pastors did back in the day. LOL (I grew up Baptist [more Pentecostal now] so I can pick on them)

  3. The quilts are beautiful!
    How in the world are you able to quilt with an arm looking like that? You amaze me. Was this an injury? Or was it caused from quilting too much?

  4. Beautiful vintage quilts, but that xray of your arm is a bit frightening. I guess it makes sense that you would have trouble manipulating around all the hardware. Maybe next time will be for enhancement.


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