Thursday, March 31, 2011

Connecting Threads

I just received my order from Connecting Threads
and couldn't be happier!
The fabric quality is excellent, has a nice soft silky feel.
And the price can't be beat! 
Just let me say, no affiliation, no paid commercial.

These fabrics are from their Firecracker line. 
A real country red and bright royal blue.
I purchased enough of the red prints for backings.
At $3.00 a yard, how could I not!
Love the blue "friendship star" print.
Going to be borders on my BOM guild quilt.

I also ordered their thread for the first time.
White in the middle, with natural on the left and antique on the right.
The antique is a perfect match for muslin fabric. 
A real bargain at $2.49 a spool.
100% Egyptian cotton #50.
I will give it a test run this weekend at retreat.
Have you tried it yet?

These 2 fabrics, are labeled as "seconds".
Seconds meaning the print is wavy.
I looked closely and was unable to see any major waves or distortion.
An affordable backing, priced at $2.28 a yard.

Don't get me wrong.
I love the major manufacturers "designer fabric" lines.
But at $9.95 a yard and up .........
I need to find a few alternatives to make my hobby affordable.

I ordered 2 spools of their Essential PRO thread.
Thought I'd give it a try.
I love to have a variety of threads available for customer quilts.
Remember my thread wall?

 Freehand roses and rosettes.
With a paisley background.

 This is the customer quilt I was working on for last 2 weeks.
King size plus.

Love the pieced back.

 Well, I'm off to gather my treasures for the weekend.
Leaving bright & early tomorrow morning.
 Shop Hopping all the way there!



  1. Beautiful fabrics at a good price. I am thread lover too, like you I need a good variety for quilting, you can never have enough.

  2. I make quilts for Project Linus and go through a lot of thread while machine quilting, so about a yr. ago decided to try essential from Connecting Thread. I do feel it is a thicker thread but works great in my machine and I'm pleased with it. I've never tried their essential PRO but would appreciate your thoughts when you use it.
    Thanks much, Phyllis

  3. Hey was so good to hear from those pretty fabrics..I know I have said it before but it bears are so talented and I envy how you can make such beauty with your own hands! That framed piece you ask about on my blog was a gift from my sister years came from the Cracker Barrel..Sometimes you can still find those kind there...hope you have a great weekend sweetie...thanks again for coming by....Picket

  4. I just found your blog and I love it. Your fabrics are wonderful and I love the price. Oh and your quilting is just beautiful. You have a new follower from Texas.

  5. Thanks for sharing your link to Connecting Threads, I did not know you could order on line. Great prices. I will have to spend some time shopping. Prices at quilt shops are just becoming too much. I am always looking for a bargain price but not bargain material.

  6. I have tried (& used quite a bit) their Essentials thread but find it very linty. I'm an Aurifil addict now--nothing is better IMHO! Love Connecting Threads kits and fab and book prices!!

  7. I love your fabrics, and have ordered from Connecting Threads many times, always happy. There customer service can't be beat. I had some trouble with some of the thread that I had gotten from them, and they replaced it right away, not questions asked. I have all the colors (gotten over a period of time, of course) and it's pretty much all I use. Great price. I hope you enjoy yours, too. :)

  8. I can attest that I have been very pleased with Connecting Threads for several years. The thread might be a bit linty, but not bad and I'm been very happy with their fabric. Good shopping.


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