Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Basket Lotto

At our Friendship Stars guild meeting
next week we are having a
May Basket Lotto.

Have you ever participated in a 
quilt block lotto?

It's FUN!

Here is my finished 12 1/2 inch block.
Our lotto lets you make any basket design you'd like.

Because we have a lot of beginner quilters
in our group
I wanted to post an easy block with instructions
for those that need help.

Here is how I drew it out.
I'm no artist, as you can see.

You need to cut:
Background fabric
5- 4" squares (1/2 sq triangles)
5- 3 1/2" squares
Floral Print
3- 4" squares (1/2 square triangles)

Basket Print
2- 4" squares (1/2 square triangles)
1- 3 1/2" square

Using the 4" squares
make 6 half square triangle units 
of floral/background fabric
and 4  basket/background fabric.

Trim to 3 1/2" square.

Lay blocks in order shown below.
Stitch into rows 1 thru 4 and

Press row seams in opposite directions
so seams lay flat.

Wasn't that easy?
The more blocks you make 
the more chances you have to win all the blocks!
Enough to make a quilt!

Doesn't it sound like fun?

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