Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Spring!

Blogger has a new format for posting.
Keep your fingers crossed, I'll do my best.

I've been busy..........
Had the youngest 3 grandkids (under six years) for the weekend.

   It was their Mommy's birthday. So on Sunday when they came to pick them up
we surprised her with a special dinner, a very decorated birthday cake and handmade cards.
Wouldn't you know, it rained all weekend!
Lots of coloring, puzzles, movies and Uno games for Papa & me.
I Love to have them around!

Spend last weekend at retreat.
12 crazy quilters and a ton of chocolate.
What could be better?
I worked on a 30's pinwheel quilt, set on point, 
that just needs borders.
I can't decide, piano keys (like the pattern called for) or
maybe a ribbon? Or flying geese? Zigzag?
Need to leave wide open spaces for feathers.
I spearheaded a sewing marathon to piece two "comfort" quilts
for guild members who are facing serious health issues.

We wanted something bright and cheery that said "Spring".
Members wrote words of encouragement and signatures in the white strips

 The pattern "Summer in the Park" is a free video
from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
They made it look so easy, and it was!
EXCEPT......edges are on the bias.

And you know how tricky bias edges can be.

My title was "Happy Spring" because I wanted to show you how
beautiful my flowers are in the front yard.
I can't wait to fill my planters on the porch, trying to hold off for
another week or so. Temps are still dropping in the evenings.

Hope all is well in your world.

Ain't it the truth!

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  1. Cute grands! I just did the same thing a few weekends ago. It is BUSY!!!! Love the quilts!


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