Monday, May 21, 2012


What a beautiful weekend!
The weather was perfect for junkin at both
"The Pec Thing" and Elkhorn.

The "Pec Thing" was alittle disappointing.
(Just my humble opinion remember)
We arrived bright and early to be there when the gate open
only to wait in line for 40 minutes.
They had just one poor lady taking $$$ at the gate!
But most importantly, I couldn't find a bargain.
You know what they say about the thrill of the hunt.
Trust me, I hunted.
We actually left without making a purchase.
But it was fun looking.

 The Elkhorn gate system is perfect.
They come down the line taking your $$$
and as soon as the gate opens everyone is off and running!
Plus I found a few bargains!

Let me start by showing you one of the treasures I found.
A LARGE mystery stack of linens for $3.00.
I forgot to get a picture before I opened it.
Just to excited to see what was inside.
There were miscellaneous doilies, kitchen towels,
a pillowcase, a sweet lace apron and these
The one on the left is definitely faded and torn.
But hey, I'll just cut around the bad spots. 
The green one is in pristine condition.
I'm going to hang it up in my studio and admire it for awhile.
But that's not all.......

Look at this GORGEOUS album quilt top I found.
With Bubble Gum pink sashings!

No rips, stains or tears.
And a bargain.
I love it!
I can't wait to go back in June.

Want to share a customer tabletopper I finished this week.
And the back.

If you need a good cake recipe look no further.

No cake pictures.
Nance make this for our retreat and it
was gone before I knew it.
Going to bake one this afternoon to take to the grandkids.
I'm going Tuesday for a few days to help out.
And you know, a Grandma can't visit without bringing a treat!

Have a great week.


  1. The cake sounds delicious! How much choc chips do you need? It's not listed :). Oh and the quilty eye candy is wonderful too :)!!!

  2. That cake sounds so good! Yum! And those bargains you picked up are wonderful! I love that quilting you did on that sweet quilt. Very nice!

  3. Looks like you got some wonderful goodies.

  4. Great find, too bad you didn't find more bargain! Love the quilting, beautiful!

  5. Love your bubble gum album--I hope it quilts perfectly! (Your quilting is wonderful too!)


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