Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year.....A New Start

While I'd love to promise that I am going to be a better blogger from now on.....
all I can say is I'll try. Harder.
For those of you that blog, don't you feel like you just run out of interesting things to share?
I sure do! 
My life is pretty dull compared to some on the web
(not that I am complaining mine you....drama free is good)
I'm not nearly as productive as some of my fellow bloggers.
Almost makes me feel lazy! LOL

I quilted a few customer quilts this holiday that I'd like to share.
The photos aren't the best.
 I miss my front porch in winter!

Chris made 2 Laurel Burch Christmas quilts.
The fabrics were so fun and bright.
I used metallic gold thread on both quilts.
That black background fabric made the quilting just POP.

Check out this T Shirt quilt Kim made for her son.
I love her orange, grey and black combination.
What a treasure.

Look at this fun print she used for the backing!

I'm so happy the holidays are over, aren't you?
While I love the decorating, baking, eating, 
shopping and family visits
with 6 grandkids it's WILD!


Hope your having a grand weekend.
We are mourning our Packer loss here.
Well, someone is.  

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my new love.
It's on tonight!

I know, I'm a little late to the dance.
I played catch up over the holiday 
and watched Season 1 & 2.



  1. Beautiful quilts.....and your grandkids pic is sweet! And I'm not going anywhere on Sunday nights from now on! Can't miss my Downton Abbey! I love it! :o)

  2. Hang in there. I'm trying to resist Downton Abbey - we'll see...

  3. Beautiful quilting, the gold thread is great. I like that backing on the teeshirt quilt too, it's perfect!
    Sweet grandkid time, I'm seeing my two this week!

  4. Karen, I bed to differ with you! Your longarm quilting is fabulous. I love seeing your work, and never would tire of it. That quilting on the black fabric with the thread you used, does indeed make a statement!! Love it! Your grandies are all adorable! And yes, I agree, I am so glad the holidays are over! Time to regroup, reorganize, refuel, and reLAX!!!
    We are huge DA fans. Only 7 more minutes!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Beautiful work. I sent you an email about a project. I too love the black quilt and how the stiches pop.


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