Friday, February 21, 2014

All is well... except for the weather!

I Am keeping busy  hand stitching. I have a million embroidery projects in the works.Thiswas  a free pattern, in QuiltMaker Jan/Feb 1999. Yep...1999. It is available at the Crabapple Hill Website.   My plan is to finish stitching this weekend. Then make it into a pillow. To remind me SPRING  will COME  SOMEDAY. But for now.  Cold,Windy (50 mph)and more snow on the way. I'll just sit in front of the fireplace and dream of summer days I do believe, I am  " solar powered".
I feel so much better. on a sun shinny day. ENOUGH of this COLDweather! I can't wait for my California vacation.

I had a SEW DAY last Saturday. OOOO HAPPY DAY! I wish I could do it  more often but .....

Stay Stay safe and warm.  Stop back again.


  1. Love your embroidered spring flowers. I'm ready for spring and warmer weather, too.

  2. Karen... just found your blog via a pinterest post and LOVE what I see so far.. love watching your grands use the vintage machine... I love vintage machines too! Thanks for sharing and blogging! Kathi

  3. Hi Karen! That is beautiful!
    I just got an email from someone wanting a quilter for their Meet Me In Paris, so I sent them your link!


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